Steel Stationary Cabinet-CM10 Econo TR

Steel Stationary Cabinet-CM10 Econo

The Steel Stationary Cabinet-CM10 Econo

Ever struggle to find the space to store any supplies that you might need throughout the day? The am Steel Stationary Cabinet-CM10 Econo Unit offers an elegant and easy to use office storage solution that will fit right next to your desk. The stylish wood finish will make this storage solution the centre piece of any office environment. Made from Super Strong materials with an elegant finish that comes with a Ivory Karoo or Hammertone Grey finish and sliding doors will ensure this office storage solution is just what you need. Modern office design language can get a bit monotonous but this beautiful elegantly designed Cabinet storage unit will fit right in at home and in your office. Work smarter and in more comfort by trying out the Steel Stationary Cabinet today by visiting us in-store, otherwise contact one of our sales consultants who can answer any of your questions. At Ixaxa you can buy office furniture that fits you.

Features of the Steel Stationary Cabinet-CM10 Econo

Bookcase with a homey, contemporary look offering you elegant storage right under your desk will always ensure what you need is always in arms reach.

  • 1800/900mm

  • 4 Adjustable Steel Shelves

  • Ivory Karoo or Hammertone Grey Available