Sohum Designer Plus Mesh Managerial Ergonomic Office Chair

R 4,299.00

5 yr Warranty

Designer Mesh Ergonomic Managerial Office Chair has great visual aesthetics with a large open back. New weaving technology Mesh makes your skin feel softer and cooler. Ergonomics is augmented with large curved headrest ,curved lumbar waist support with 3D adjustable arms.

This Office Chair offers comprehensive support for head, waist and shoulders reducing cervical pain.

The foam latex rebound material of the seat cushion has better cushioning and elasticity giving a comfortable feeling when seated for long hours.

Height and back rest can be adjusted 100 -126 degrees with a light touch of a button located on the seat side.

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Did You Know? 

You spend 16 out of  your 40 working years, sitting in an Office Chair !

So, it's time to invest in your health at a cost of R14.00 per working day over 24 months with a 60 month Quality warranty.

We got your back covered !


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