Easel Home Office Desk

Easel Home Office Desk

Work from home is the new normal for so many of us making the studio home office desk the cornerstone of your home office furniture setup. Designating an area of your home specifically for your work can give your the best of both worlds, a functional place to complete your work tasks that blends seamlessly with your home. A comfortable office chair is a perfect accompaniment to finally formalise your home office area and grant your increased productivity and comfort in this modern age.

At Ixaxa Office Furniture we help you find the best office furniture you could envisage. From affordable office chairs to high end ergonomic office chairs, Office storage solutions and boardroom tables, Visit our showroom and try out our full range of office furniture with an option to suit every budget or need we sell office furniture that fits you.

  • 1350L x 700D mm

  • 1500H Desk with Top Shelf

  • 25/25mm Steel powder coated frame

  • 16mm Melamine Tops available in various colours