BuetiQ Executive Office Desk BQ 510/511

Birch & Greay
R 10,999.00 R 7,999.00

BQ 510 Executive Desk

The BQ 510 Executive Office Desk is the epitome of both form and function, an elegant office desk designed to be both practical and beautiful, to be the cornerstone of your complete home office furniture setup or make a statement in your regular office. Maintaining focus while working is easy when your office furniture is geared to help you be more productive, keeping you more efficient than ever. At Ixaxa Office Furniture we help you find the best office furniture you could envisage. From affordable office chairs to high end ergonomic office chairs, Office storage solutions and boardroom tables, Visit our showroom and try out our full range of office furniture with an option to suit every budget or need we sell office furniture that fits you.

  • Beautiq 510 - 1800X1700X750 Executive desk, Birch melamine tops with with grey accents, 3 drawer credenza and open shelves

  • Beautiq 511 - 2000X1700X750 executive desk, Birch melamine with grey accents, 3 drawer credenza and open shelves

  • Cable management