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Sohum Office chair range

The Sohum range of office chairs is our flagship range of office chairs designed to meet the demands of South African customers

The Sohum range of office seating solutions offers unrivalled levels of comfort at a range of price points to suit the unique demands of each user without breaking the bank

Every model in the Sohum line of office chairs is developed with three goals in mind; comfort, durability and aesthetics ensuring that each and every one of the chairs in this range meet our own criteria to be called a “quality office chair”.

One of the key ways to increase productivity is to ensure your office seating, more specifically office chair is comfortable, supportive and ensures good posture. We spend more time in our office chairs each day than we do on our couches or our car seats. Ixaxa Office Furniture is determined to meet all your office furniture needs and ensure your office chair helps to keep you working at your very best every day.

By offering seating solutions to suit individual needs we have established a range of options, from high back ergonomic office chairs, to basic robust seating, we aim to find each one of our customers an office seating solution that perfectly meets all their needs, browse our office furniture catalog online or visit our showroom and take one of our chairs for test drive before you buy.