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Eco-Friendly Sohum Chairs: Green & Comfy

Numerous black eco-friendly chairs and tables in an office

Earth is dealing with several environmental issues. Every person and animal on our planet is impacted by problems such as air pollution, water pollution, ozone layer depletion, global warming, climate change, and much more. People must start embracing the idea of an environmentally sustainable life. We at Ixaxa have taken significant steps in redefining the concept of office furniture. One of our offerings, the eco-friendly Sohum office chairs validates this statement. They bring a green ethic to your office space and offer unmatched comfort, ensuring that your workspace is both environmentally conscious and economically sound.

Sustainability: Our Core Value

Our actions today shape the world of tomorrow hence sustainability is at the core of products sold by us. The eco-friendly Sohum chairs are made with this principle in mind because their materials are durable and environmentally responsible. Our goal is to minimise our ecological footprint, and by choosing our products, you become a part of this critical mission. According to research, we've carefully selected materials that are environmentally tamed but enhance the durability and style of our chairs.

Aluminium is a core component of our chairs which stands out as one of the most eco-friendly metals. Made available by our very own dear mother planet Earth from her crust and is remarkable for its infinite recyclability. By choosing aluminium, we contribute to energy conservation, as recycling saves 95% of the energy compared to producing it from raw materials. Impressively over 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today, showcasing its sustainable lifecycle.

Our use of plastics is equally thoughtful. Contrary to common perceptions, plastics have an admirable environmental profile. They require significantly less energy to produce than many other materials, and only 4% of the world's oil production is used for plastics. This mindful selection contributes to a reduced ecological footprint.

Leather, an essential element in our Sohum chairs, is selected for its unparalleled eco-friendliness. As a by-product of the meat and dairy industry, leather up cycling prevents 7.3 million tons of waste yearly. It is durable and reparable, extending the life of our products, and at the end of its service cycle, leather degrades through natural processes.

Lastly, foams are incorporated which emerged in recognition as an eco-friendly material. Foam's recyclable and biodegradable qualities align with our vision of minimising waste and fostering a circular supply chain. This reduces the need for new raw materials to demonstrate our dedication to environmental stewardship. By choosing Sohum chairs you're making a statement that echoes the values of sustainability, responsibility, and a commitment to the future of our planet.

Eco-Friendly: A Commitment to the Planet

Our commitment to eco-friendliness goes beyond using sustainable materials. We ensure that every aspect of our Sohum ergonomic chairs reflects our dedication to the environment. From the production methods that reduce waste to the recyclable components that make up the chairs, every detail is aligned with environmental stewardship. By choosing our chairs, your office won’t just be a workspace, it will become a testament to environmental responsibility and a lab to test the science of Sohum chairs.

Comfortable Office Chairs: Sohum Ergonomic Chairs

The Sohum ergonomic chairs aren't just about being green; they're about providing unparalleled comfort. We believe that a comfortable employee is a productive employee. Ixaxa’s chairs are designed to offer support and comfort throughout the workday. With features like adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and breathable fabric, these chairs are not just a piece of furniture; they are an investment in your team's well-being.

Green Office: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Integrating our eco-friendly Sohum chairs into your workspace is a step towards creating a green office. An eco-friendly office goes beyond just having plants; it's about making conscious choices in every aspect of your workspace. Purchasing a chair from Ixaxa means you're aligning your office with a vision of sustainability that positively impacts the planet and your employees.

Comfy office chair: The Foundation of a Productive Workspace

The comfort provided by our Sohum chairs is unmatched. Most of the time comfort in workplaces is often underrated, but it is the foundation of a productive and healthy work environment. Our chairs ensure that your team is comfortable, which in turn, boosts morale and productivity. The ergonomic design of these chairs reduces the risk of posture-related issues, to ensure that your team is sitting comfortably and healthy.


At Ixaxa, we are committed to providing office furniture that is not just a utility but a statement of your values. Our Eco friendly office furniture is a testament to this commitment, offering a blend of sustainability, eco-friendliness, ergonomic comfort, and a step towards a greener office space. Contact Ixaxa and join us in our journey towards a sustainable, comfortable, and productive future.