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The Science of Sohum Chairs: Comfort & Design

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The Sohum office chairs from Ixaxa combine comfort science with creativity. Let's explore the nuances of design, ergonomic genius, and material mastery to change the way you sit.

Ergonomic Excellence at Your Desk

The cornerstone of any productive workspace is a chair that embraces your body's natural contours, reducing strain and enhancing productivity. Enter Sohum chairs crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they revolutionise the way you sit.

The Sohum Philosophy: Design for Comfort

Comfort is not an afterthought at Ixaxa; it is the cornerstone. Sohum chairs originated from a concept that recognises the requirements of your body. The design team's primary goal is to produce chairs that improve posture by fluidly adjusting to your motions. Ixaxa offers Sohum chairs that are expertly engineered to complement the natural curves of the human body. These chairs change the way you sit and work by reducing strain and increasing productivity. They are more than just pieces of furniture.

The chairs in the Sohum collection are designed to fulfil distinct purposes. The Sohum task chair, for example, is made of sturdy, water- and fire-resistant materials and offers support all day long. It has fixed T-arms, a seat made of black material, and a black mesh back.

On the contrary, the Sohum managerial chair has a fire-resistant WINTEX elastic mesh back and a seat made of moulded foam. It can support up to 130 kg of weight and features a back frame strengthened with 33% glass fibre.

Other highlights of the Sohum hi-back chair include a slide for lumbar adjustment and seat sliding. It also features an aluminium 5-star base and a 3-D Adjustment arm with a soft pick-up pad. There is a 150 kg weight limit on this chair.

A five-year warranty is included with every Sohum chair, demonstrating our dedication to excellence and robustness. They are intended to provide comfort, correct posture, lessen the chance of back pain, and increase output. They reduce discomfort, lessen the chance of neck issues, and enhance the professional appearance of the workplace. Read our return fund policy here.

Material Matters: The Science Behind Sohum's Comfort

The meticulous selection and extensive testing of materials are responsible for the comfort of Sohum chairs. Three main considerations go into the selection of each component: support, breathability, and durability.

Sohum chairs' superior foam conforms to the body, minimising pressure points and encouraging good posture. It has a soft yet firm surface. Because of its durability and ability to hold its shape over time, this foam offers reliable comfort.

Sohum chairs' breathable upholstery materials facilitate airflow, reducing heat accumulation and fostering a cool, comfortable sitting experience. Additionally strong and resilient to abrasion, these textiles guarantee that the chair will continue to look good for a long time.

The Sohum chairs' sturdy frames offer the required solidity and support. They are made to endure regular use rigours, extending the chair's lifespan.

Ergonomic Principles Redefined

Sohum chairs are more than just seats; they are constructed solutions focusing on ergonomics. These guidelines place a high priority on lumbar support and spinal alignment, both of which are essential for maintaining proper posture and avoiding back discomfort.

Because of the chairs' customisable capabilities, users can customise their seating experiences to suit their preferences. Every element of the chair, including the armrests' position, angle, and height, may be changed to suit the individual demands of the user.

Due to its versatility, a Sohum chair fits you rather than the other way around, requiring you to adjust. It all comes down to designing a seated environment that is encouraging, cosy, and productive. Therefore, when you sit in a Sohum chair, you're experiencing a chair that has been designed with your comfort and well-being in mind, not just sitting. Discover the Sohum distinction right now.

The Sohum Experience: Quality Office Chair

It's a workstation game-changer, not just a chair. Just picture working while sitting down without the typical pain or strain on your back. Sohum chairs promise to make your workdays more pleasurable and productive.

Embrace Comfort Today

Don't settle for an ordinary office chair. Upgrade to Sohum and elevate your sitting experience. Invest in your well-being and productivity with a chair designed to support you through every task.

At Ixaxa, we believe in crafting more than just furniture; we create comfort solutions. Join us in the Sohum experience and revolutionise the way you work. Visit our website or contact Ixaxa office today and explore the range of Sohum ergonomic chairs waiting to transform your workspace.


Sohum chairs are not just about sitting; they're about comfort, innovation, and elevating your work experience. Dive into the science behind these ergonomic marvels and embrace the future of comfortable sitting.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Sohum and feel the difference!