Wood Table vs Glass Office Furniture – Which Is Best For The Office?

Wood Table vs Glass Office Furniture – Which Is Best For The Office?

It is never easy to make a decision when it comes to choosing between a wooden or a glass desk set. With so many beautiful and eye-catchy designs along with the exquisite patterns, one might feel the need of interior consultants to finalise the purchase for a suitable dining table.

Wooden Office Desk Overview

Wooden office desks  have orthodox significance, most offices are furnished with wooden tables; the texture and finishing’s applicable to wooden tables are numerous. Intelligible craftsmen carve jaw dropping inscriptions at the sides of wooden dining tables – which typically adds beauty and class to wooden tables. Wood processing firms perform different operations on wood, these operations deliver woods with varied strength and application.

Wooden tables are coated with waterproof chemicals, these chemicals prevents the penetration of fluids spilled on the table. The nature of wood permits incredible shapes to be carved on their surface; tables with symbolic designs rank high in sales and are mostly expensive.

You can easily get inexpensive wooden tables as they are sold at affordable prices – which in turn  has fuelled their popularity. Some tables have heat and fireproof coatings which is very important because most houses are susceptible to naked flames, and measures should be put in place to prevent loss of properties and valuables. A good number of wooden office desks are available to meet your demands.


  • Has a waterproof coating
  • They are protected from termite attacks
  • Incredible designs can be easily carved on the surface
  • Some are highly affordable
  • Can withstand high impact


  • Are mostly cumbersome.
  • They are susceptible to fire damage.


Glass Office Desk Overview

Glass desks have made colossal marks in offices. Their grandiose and ultra-modern nature creates an overwhelming presence in rooms and offices. Good design increases overall excellence, most glass desks carry intricate designs, making them even further bespoke. The myriad qualities found in glass tables can have run-on affects you may not know of. Using glass desks helps in ensuring easy maintenance, i.e. – wiping down the surface etc.

The strength of glass desks can vary; you can get a glass with incredible quality and strength, they resist tension and load impacts efficiently.

Careful selection of glass desks is important, you have to select desks with carefully prepared glass materials, they can be easily identified by their thickness. Glass tables are usually an eye-catching, “talking-piece”, a great addition to, perhaps, a boardroom where you want to make the best possible impression in the shortest possible time. .


  • Hardly scratches
  • Conforms with any color scheme
  • Extremely elegant
  • They are customizable
  • Mostly simplistic


  • May be expensive
  • Delicate if mishandled or hit with a hard object.


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