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Where To Buy Lumbar Support Office Chairs in 2021

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If back pain is getting you down, especially after an 8 hour day in front of your computer, it might be worth taking a closer look at the chair you’re sitting on while you’re working. For many of us, home spaces have turned into makeshift office spaces, as companies adjusted and responded to the lockdown restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. This has meant that many people are carving out spaces to work wherever possible at their homes and apartments, with little consideration for the chairs they are sitting on. A lumbar support office chair can be just what you need to combat aches and pains, and to ensure that your body isn’t taking major strain while you wait to return to the office once the pandemic subsides in the coming months.  

The Importance of Lumbar Back Support

Helping with nagging back pain aside, lumbar support chairs also help to promote good posture by filling the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat. This involves supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back. A decent lumbar support office chair will provide stability and total support from above the buttocks right to the top of your spine. If you spend years sitting on chairs with poor back support, this may affect your mobility as you age, which can really take away from your quality of life in the latter half of your life. 

Choosing The Correct Type of Lumbar Support

When it comes to the right lumbar support, there is no “one size fits all”. There are guidelines as to which kind of support is good for most people, which includes a suggestion that lumbar depth of 1.5 to 5cm should typically be fine for a majority of the general population. Keep in mind that women tend to have increased curvature in their lower backs, implying that they need additional lumbar support more so than their male counterparts. 

Too Much Lumbar Support Is Not a Good Thing

While getting a chair that has you covered for lumbar support is important, recent studies have suggested that those with too much support may actually do more harm than good. As people come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some types of lumbar support chairs may not provide the same posture benefits to everyone. If you’re considering a lumbar support chair, an important consideration is to see if the seat forces your spine into an exaggerated forward curve. If this is the case, the support may be too much for your size and frame. Hitting the sweet spot will take some trial and error, so be prepared to try a couple of options and to speak to a chiropractor if you need some extra advice before you buy. 

Where To Look Once You’re Ready To Buy a Lumbar Support Chair

The furniture industry is a competitive one, and suppliers of office chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing where to look for options to buy lumbar support chairs can make the process all the more easy, and companies like  Ixaxa Office Furniture — who offer a five year guarantee on their chairs — are a great place to start. Chat to them about their high back chair range, and the different makes and models within this part of their catalogue. You’ll be more comfortable and taking care of your posture and spine health while working from home before you can even say “vaccine”. 

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