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Where To Buy Furniture Online During COVID-19

Millions of workers around the world have been forced to make do with a temporary office space at home in the wake of the 2021 COVID-19 pandemic. While some thought it may only last a couple of weeks, many countries are still in lockdowns a couple of months in, with estimates suggesting that it could be well over a year before a vaccine is ready to hit the market. In the meantime, some companies are pitching in to help employees buy office furniture for home, especially if it may be a couple of months until they are allowed to return to the actual office of the company. So where do you go if you’re looking for furniture during the lockdown? We’ll address this today, as well as touching on how to go about making smart buying decisions in times of great uncertainty. 

The Rise of the Work From Home Environment

While the rise of working from home is directly tied to the coronavirus pandemic, many futurists have predicted that the steady rise of technological innovation would result in this becoming all the more common as we head deeper into 2021. Pandemic aside, there is a strong chance that office based employees may be expected to work from home for extended periods in the near future. Conversely, work from home could see a spike in numbers as more small businesses default on their rent payments as a result of economic contraction from the global pandemic. This would mean that companies wouldn’t close their doors altogether – just their physical ones, in the short term. As a result of this, employees will all be expected to carry on operations remotely.

Getting The Job Done With The Right Furniture

If you’re of the belief that you may find yourself working from home regularly (or permanently) in the near future, it helps to buy smart, not cheap. This includes outlining a space for you to work that is ideally not close to where you sleep or relax. It’s also crucial that wherever possible, you don’t bank on items like dining chairs and countertops to do your work. This is not only bad for your health, but also forfeits any boundaries you’ve set up at home between work time and unwinding time. Blurring the two could have serious consequences on your mental health. Start with some thorough planning, ask colleagues what they have been doing, and prepare yourself for a situation where you may be working from home on a more permanent basis at very short notice. 

Questions To Ask Before Buying New Furniture

When you’re buying new furniture, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you should keep a few considerations front of mind in your decision making process. How easy is the furniture to clean? How complicated is maintenance? How easy is it to set up? How long is the warranty? Do due diligence upfront, and don’t be afraid to ask these (and other) questions to the supplier if you’d like to cover all your bases. As the world enters a new phase of health and safety considerations, even just knowing how to properly clean our furniture at home can make a world of difference in current and future pandemics. 

Getting Your Hands on Furniture During COVID-19

It can be daunting to find a furniture supplier that is open for business even in the wake of troublesome international events, including COVID-19. The last thing you want to do is to have to scurry around trying to find a supplier that is able to help you furnish your new home office, or to find one to purchase replacement furniture whenever you need it. Ixaxa Office Furniture has two decades of experience in the industry, and has been providing workstation design solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes since their early days. Showcasing their worth in the prompt response in the early stages of the pandemic, Ixaxa is connected to their clients and always on hand to help with requests. If you’re looking to talk to an expert about your current needs, they’ve got you covered around the clock. 

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