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What To Consider When Buying Boardroom Chairs

The boardroom is a sacred space in the office, reserved for high profile meetings, important decisions and sometimes even staff functions. After a couple of months of use, the chairs in the room can get through noticeable wear and tear, especially if the office consists of a large team with regular large meetings between departments. So what should you be looking for when it comes time to buy new chairs for this special space in the workplace? Today, we’ll dive into the considerations you should be making before making what could be a relatively expensive investment for the business. 

The Amount of Space You’re Working With

First and foremost, when buying new boardroom chairs you should consider the amount of space you’re working with. Some boardrooms have an abundance of space, especially if the table is smaller and more accommodating to departmental meetings. If you’re with one of the few companies that still has an excess of office space, it does give you some more wiggle room with regards to the chairs you can consider. An executive chair takes up more room than a traditional office chair, and if you’re in a business looking to impress investors and partners, filling the room with executive chairs (if space allows it) can be a good way to show that you mean business. 

The Types of Chairs You Want

Our example of the executive vs. standard chair aside, there are a multitude of office chair options you can explore before filling up the boardroom with chairs. A good place to start is to count how many chairs you’ll need, and to look at ranges that are roughly the same size as what you’ve been using previously. Chairs come with all kinds of bells and whistles these days, including removable headrests, ergonomic features and more. If you have a sense of what type of chair you’re looking for, and how many, it makes the job of whittling down comparative quotes all the more easier down the line too. 

The Budget That You’re Working With

We can’t talk about an investment towards office furniture without mentioning the ever important budget. Make sure that you have a rough figure in your mind before you start doing research, being mindful that the cheaper you go, the more likely the chairs will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Going cheaper can be useful if the company is in a phase of tighter cashflow, but remember that there are a multitude of perks around buying a higher quality product, including making an impression on potential collaborators, changing the tone of the room for meetings and showcasing that the business is one to be reckoned with. 

Learning More About Tech-Friendly Furniture

A final consideration you should make before buying new boardroom chairs is somewhat of an unconventional idea that is set to be more important as we get deeper into the 2020’s. Tech-friendly furniture is the way to go, especially as we live and work in society that places a lot of emphasis on improving efficiency through technological innovation. While not front of mind for many people yet, companies like Ixaxa Office Furniture are already thinking about how to incorporate tech into their office furniture, as well as how to optimise desks and other types of furniture for the future. Give them a call if you’d like to learn a bit more, which may well end up saving you a bit of money in the long run as well. Happy boardroom chair hunting!

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