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Typist Chair Trends in 2020

Typist Chair Trends in 2020

Typist office chairs are all the rage in 2020, not only because they are one of the most popular chair types to consider regardless of the size of your company, but because these days they are designed with sustainability and ergonomics in mind as well. These interesting chairs have been around for decades, so what about them has kept them around for so long? Let’s explore some of their more recent product designs, as well as where you can look to find your next purchase. 

What is a Typist Chair?

If the first thing you thought of was a chair for someone who works as a typist, you’re not aiming at the mark (although this is a common misconception whenever most people hear the name of this chair type). Naturally, these chairs were used for this purpose back in the 1900’s, but these days those jobs don’t exist anymore, and these chairs have taken on a new meaning. A typist chair typically has three characteristics, namely the absence of arm rests, added mobility from wheels, as well as height adjustable features not typically found in a standard chair. 

Why Typist Chairs Have Survived Through The Ages

This type of chair, while created to help keep typists in an upright position as they go about their typing hours, serves somewhat of a different purpose these days. The lack of armrests simply means they are used in different contexts these days, particularly for informal meetings or additional chairs around the office which allow for quick interactions between members of different teams. These chairs, with their added mobility, offer the ability for sales teams to hot desk in modern environments, especially in a startup workspace. In short, typist chairs have taken on a new life as work has evolved, and will continue to do so as technology disrupts and innovates the way we go about our jobs.

Typist Chair Trends To Look Out For

Currently, these chairs are being designed with a “less is more approach”, not only because they serve a specific purpose, but because they are considered some of the more sustainable chair options you can choose for your office. This is particularly true as they require less materials than other chair types, while still offering the same versatility you would get from a more expensive model. In 2020, these chairs are being designed with the environment and health benefits in mind. Traditionally, lumbar support wasn’t a high priority for designers of these chairs, but these days typist chairs are much stronger than they were in the past, partly because of the ability for workers to complain about their unsteadiness on social media. 

A Good Place To Start Searching For a New Typist Chair

Whether you’re looking to buy a series of chairs for the sales team, or if you’re just looking for a couple of extra multi-purpose chairs around the office, Ixaxa Office Furniture is a good place to start. Located in Johannesburg, they supply all kinds of office chairs, specifically with an eye for ergonomics and a more modern style. If you have any questions around the practical considerations to keep in mind ahead of buying typist chairs, their consultants will be able to answer any questions you have, while offering you quotes that will go largely unbeaten relative to the rest of the industry.

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