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Training Room Furniture – What to Choose and What to Lose

Training Room Furniture – What to Choose and What to Lose

Training and conference centres are created to host large numbers of people for a relatively long day of learning, listening – and sitting. Facilitators ensure there’s sufficient fresh air coming in, that air conditioners are working, bathrooms clearly indicated. They ensure there’s enough water to go around – and maybe even coffee and snacks.

But who considers the chairs and tables the trainees are going to be seated at the whole day – even days on end for those extended training sessions and conferences?

Training centres (more often than not) take the most cost-effective solution available to them and run with it; some use plastic garden chairs, other opt for a slightly padded steel framed chair – and then there are those centres that make use of sturdy, comfortable and supportive chairs.

Considering how long the trainees will be seated, it’s actually quite important to invest in your choice of chair.

Here are some great options when buying chairs for your conference centre!

What Are The Best Chairs for A Conference Centre?

While it’s just not going to be financially viable, first place would go to ergonomically-designed, wheel-fitted chairs. These offer excellent support to every structure that takes strain when seated normally, and the presence of wheels makes mobility just that much easier. However, given that most ergonomic chairs start in the price range of R 2 000.00 and above – it might not make sense to kit out your conference facility with 200 – 300 of these.

What you really should be considering is sturdiness with a fair mix of mobility; the best way to achieve this is to opt for a solid frame, with a malleable back rest area.

This allows for full support of the back and hips, and most of these types of chairs are low enough that the majority of people can have their feet comfortably at 90 degrees to the floor. Then malleability of the back rest provides much needed relief to those who suffer from back pain or neck pain; they can easily stretch out, push back against the back rest and even stretch their arms in this type of furniture.

Finally, a padded seat is invaluable. Again, your trainees are going to be seated for 2-3 hour stretches with small breaks in between. They need some padding to ensure they don’t become sore while being seated for such long periods of time.

The types of chairs to avoid entirely are the garden-chair types; you know, the ones with no arm rests, no padding and a very straight back rest. This is going to affect the ability of the trainees to focus, as these are uncomfortable to sit on for as little as half an hour – let alone extended periods of time.

If overhauling your training centre is not in your budget, consider adding seat cushions to existing harder furniture – it will alleviate at least some of the problem.

Looking for a range of chairs to take your training centre the best?

Consider something like the Lapis Range – which allows for malleability of the back rest, provides arm support in the arm rests, and is soft enough o be flexible, but sturdy enough to support weight.

training room furniture
Lapis Range











The Kopi-O Range also has a the variety of chairs available for training centres, including set-chairs, as well as wheel-fitted chairs.

Kopi-O Range
Kopi-O Range











Lastly, the Fila Range will provide your training centre with a boost of colour, and the easiest pack-away and storage you’ve ever experienced. What makes this chair great is the curved sett, allowing for movement room as well as the ability of the chair to adapt to various shapes. The back rest is also available in different shapes, so mix and match for a guaranteed room of happy trainees!

Fila Range
Fila Range











If you need any advice in selecting furniture for your conference centre, click here for more info!

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