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Top Boardroom Furniture Suppliers in South Africa

Top Boardroom Furniture Suppliers in South Africa

The boardroom is the heart of any company, providing a safe space for the brainstorming of new ideas, the sharing of thoughts, discussing plans for the future and generally acting as a space for the team to get together when it’s “go time”. South Africa has a lot of competitive boardroom furniture suppliers, especially when compared to nearby countries, so it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start, especially if you’re looking to remodel an existing boardroom, or even just furnishing one for the first time. Lucky for you, we’ve provided you with some options to consider, to make the process as seamless as possible. 

Office Group

Office Group is a good business to consider for your new boardroom furniture, as they tend to be priced relatively well, when compared to other providers. While not necessarily doing anything groundbreaking in terms of design, opting to stick to more traditional products, they do however provide consistently well rated products, and have done so as far back as 2005. Their client portfolio is long, ranging from offices, all the way through to hospitals and even retail outlets; this kind of variety ensures that you will have many options to choose from, getting advice from experts with a holistic view of office design in general. 

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture is a proudly South African, BBBEE level 1 certified company, that has been making waves in the industry over the last couple of years. As their name suggests, office furniture is their specialty, but over and above the wide range of products you can choose from when furnishing your boardroom (we’re not joking about the wide range: they have industry insights into the most respected suppliers of custom designed furniture in the business), what we like about these guys in particular is that the process doesn’t come to an end once you’ve swiped the company card. Installations are carried out professionally and efficiently, with a zero effort promise to the clients. These guys tick the boxes on all fronts, really. 


AngelShack is all about the concept of change. They provide a mix of personal and professional office solutions, with a focus on bringing office furniture (traditionally considered to be rather boring) into the future. Angelshack is all about disrupting the furniture industry in a similar way to how startups are attempting to disrupt the tech industry, and we must say, it shows in their unique, future leaning stock design. With a leading German designer in their artillery, their catalogue is not only a lot of fun to look at, but also very insightful even if you’re just  looking to spruce up your boardroom with an item or two. Simply put, they offer “smart, contemporary, award winning office furniture”. Sold!


A bit of a dark horse on the list (you know we like to keep things interesting), Ukhuni has more of a minimalistic approach, encouraging potential clients to book a consultation first, in order to have a broader conversation about needs, before looking at appropriate stock suggestions. What makes them unique, is that they cater to audiences based on a model emulating the three prominent working class generations (baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials), keeping in mind the individual workspace needs of each, based on research around their lifestyles and general way of living. One cannot argue that these generations have different expectations when it comes to furniture needs, and this type of specialist offering is exactly why they’ve made this list!

Whether you’re looking to increase general motivation at the office, or if it is just time to revamp the boardroom a bit, then the businesses on our list are a great place to start. Always remember, that consulting with your staff about their needs (and getting some “on the ground” feedback) will help you to cater more closely to the needs of your employees, ultimately, affecting company culture positively as well. So what are you waiting for? Good luck with the search!

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