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Top 5 Office Desk Brands in South Africa

Top 5 Office Desk Brands in South Africa

“Office desks” is a dangerously broad term; they may include boardroom tables, 4-way work stations, height-adjustable tables, reception desks or even a regular corner desk so many of us use.

For ease of reference, we’ve decided  to include one of each type of office desk you might want to consider!


Best 5 Office Desks

Best Individual Work Desk

Best Single Work Desk










A workstation which requires abundant space, sufficient for file storage and other items is what you can expect from this type of workstation. It further allows the user to have a separate “operating” area – and another area in which they can use their computers. This is well suited for those who work in hard copy as well as on a desktop – such as accountants and secretaries. The Cockpit Office Suite is an ideal solution!

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Best Executive Office Desks

Kent Desk 227









It was impossible to narrow this category down to one – but we did our best to get it down to two!

If you’re more of a classic-style enthusiast, who enjoys the antique finish and the quality offered only by wood – then perhaps consider something along the lines of the Kent Desk 227.

It further offers a leather work pad to ensure comfort during the day.

Find pricing on the Kent Desk 227 here.


Woza Desk Range










However, if you’re more of a modernist who enjoys aesthetic and comfort equally – look at the Woza TL Executive Desk range. It is minimalist, modern in its finishing (ebony and wood design with framework that is simplistic) and comfortable for every day too.

Find pricing and availability on the WOZA TL Executive Desk here!


Best Managerial Desk

Peugo Desk 7B22A










Not quite the boss, not quite the agent; managerial desks offer far more space than the average workstation. The Peugo Desk 7B22A costs R 7000.00 (including VAT) and offers a dual workspace as well as ample storage.

Find out more about this desk here!


Best Modular Desk

Modular Office Desk









Modular desks are the most modern solution to an overcrowded workspace; they take up half the space a regular 4 way workstation would, with zero bulk. Modular desks are simply “regular” desks which have special fittings, allowing each desk to join comfortable and format the desk cluster into any layout you want. One of the simplest and most modern looking within this range is the Smart Modular range.

Check out the range and get pricing here!


Best Cluster Workstation

Fourway Workstation









If the modular desk option is still a little “too out there” for you, the traditionalist type of cluster workstation that forms the Fourway Workstation might be your ultimate solution. This cluster has division boards for all 4 users, allowing a level of privacy – yet not entirely secluding them.
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*The views and opinions expressed are not that of the supplier. The ranges specified are not officially ranked.


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