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The Trendiest Office Furniture from 2019

The Trendiest Office Furniture from 2019

With 2020 right around the corner, it’s a great time to take a look at some of the furniture trends that took this year by storm, paving the way for the new year and giving us a sense as to which trends may continue to build momentum as we enter the twenties. While there is a general push to go more minimalistically in terms of office space furnishings, especially with companies needing to make provision for the maximisation of smaller spaces than compared to previous decades, there are a few key trends that have popped up, that look like they may be here to stay, which we’re happy to explore with you today. 

A Marriage of the Old and New

Many furniture designers are finding ways to marry the “old with the new” so to speak, looking at incorporating some of the more classic elements of design with textures (natural or manmade) that are rising in prominence. A lot of companies are moving away from traditional furniture choices, which may have also paved the way for the rise in abstract design. Similarly, companies are going more abstract not only in terms of the architecture of the office space, but in terms of the furniture they are selecting as well. The challenge is to merge the old and the new, while not going too abstract and creating something impractical in the process. It’s a fine balance, which many companies are paying close attention to and refining gradually.

Sustainability As The New Normal

It’s no secret that sustainability is hot on the minds of most businesses around the world, with 2019 seeing an increase in corporate pushes towards creating more organic, natural, environmentally friendly product parts as a whole. The same can be said for the furniture industry, which has come under some scrutiny in recent years for the heavy use of plastic and the lack of recyclability of many popular units worldwide. That’s all in the process of changing, and new designs are geared in the direction of longer term sustainability, which may also account for the fact that a lot of furniture is being made of a lot less materials than in the past. In turn, this adds to the minimalistic trend, which we believe will be prominent for years to come.

Smart Furniture

Whether it comes to desks, chairs or storage space, there is an increasing rise in smart furniture, which is geared towards the combination of practical space (doing more with less) with the rapid development of technology. A lot of companies are incorporating A.I into their business models, and in terms of efficiency building with staff, and creating the most productive workspace possible. Managing directors everywhere are being forced to consider how technology can enhance employee output, even in something as fundamental as an office chair. Are you thinking about how technology can make your life easier and benefit the bottom line of the company? You should be.

Where Trendy Meets Practicality

Ixaxa Office Furniture, which is based in Johannesburg, has a core focus around keeping up with industry trends at all times. Their furniture designs are not only modern, but there is also a general push towards greater sustainability of their products, even in terms of their own office space. While South Africa is generally a little slower on the uptake than the rest of the world when it comes to incorporating technology into design, Ixaxa is at the forefront of this, and they would be happy to chat you through any ideas you may have based on the individual needs of your business.

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