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The Trendiest Modern Office Furniture Options for 2019

The Trendiest Modern Office Furniture Options for 2019

When it comes to office furniture, there are a lot of options out there for you to choose from. And we mean a lot. 2019 has been a groundbreaking year in terms of furniture design that is more minimalistic than in the past, but simultaneously also pushes boundaries in terms of design, often incorporating some abstract themes. It has also been a big year for the growth of furniture created with sustainable parts, as well as a new consideration to be more tech friendly, with a leaning towards how the product increases productivity.  In terms of some of the trendiest modern furniture options, the following three fit the bill as items to watch as we close out this year, and as we move into the 2020’s. 

Industrial Club Chair

The industrial club chair is one that we’ve been keeping an eye on, not only because of its design (roughly 40% smaller than a traditional office chair), but also because of its ease of use and the materials it is made of. Coming equipped with a polyurethane seat and backrest, with a swivel mechanism to allow for 360 degree turns (great for a sales environment), this office chair is wonderful for small spaces with a lot of employee movement. Wear and tear is minimal here, and the chair’s nylon base boasts an impressive heavy duty record as well, so you won’t be replacing or maintaining any parts of the chair anytime soon.

Peugo Desk 9B 24i

When it comes to office desks, the Peugo 9B 24i (and those designed in a similar style) is certainly one that has grown in popularity this year. Promoted as a managerial desk, but also perfect for a reception area, this desk comes in elegant black walnut or our personal favourite, red line wood. This desk was designed with technology in mind, and has more than enough space for either a desktop or laptop workstation. The desk itself, which is exclusive to Ixaxa Office Furniture, is a whopping 2400mm x 900mm x 750mm and even if size doesn’t matter to you, you won’t be able to turn down those modern looking desk legs, which are made to be sturdy and sustainable. The Peugo desk also retails below R8500, which is a steal for the value you’re getting.

Aylee Mesh Back Chair

The third of our modern office furniture options to keep an eye on, is the Aylee Mesh Back Chair. It first caught our eye for its red mesh design, which not only looks crisp and futuristic, but has great built in support for your back as well. We hear that the mesh comes in various colours, which will allow you to customise the design of the office and perhaps even personalise the various chairs between departments. This chair contains height adjustable arms, which is not something you see regularly in other products, and also give us the impression that future designs in this range may look to continue to build systems not commonly found from other suppliers.

Getting Modern Furniture That Works For You

While there are a lot of furniture options to choose from, it’s important to keep in mind modern trends, and to ensure you’re buying something that will be effective to use regardless of rapid technological or environmental changes in the years to come. These options are a great starting point, and will put you well on your way on the journey to add some longer term items to the office, with a leaning towards longer term growth and sustainability. 

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