Modern Furniture Suppliers

The Top 3 Modern Furniture Suppliers in Johannesburg

The Top 3 Modern Furniture Suppliers in Johannesburg

2020 is here, and if your office is looking a little “2000 and late”, it may be time to consider some upgrades and modern finishes. Modern furniture is all the rage in companies in some of the economic hubs around the world, including Silicon Valley, so if you’re looking to refresh your office space, then the following modern furniture suppliers in Johannesburg will help to get you there. Let’s start by talking about a few considerations to make sure your office space hits the mark, including what to consider before buying new furniture in general.

The Key To Modern Furniture Office Spaces

When it comes to designing a more modern looking office space, less is certainly more. Many companies with modern spaces choose to invest in a select amount of more expensive (and durable) items, rather than buying a lot of items. Minimalism, especially in hotdesking work environments, is very important, and especially if you are looking to keep things simple and to keep your team mobile. Start by asking yourself about the needs of your team, isolating the key pieces of furniture needed to do their jobs, while also keeping in mind that it’s not all about work! Designing a space where the team can unwind over lunch, especially one that is less clinical and more welcoming, is a must-have for any modern business ran by a team consisting mostly of millennials. 

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture is a staple (go to) supplier of furniture in the greater Johannesburg area, with decades of experience and a client list that speaks for itself. Their catalogue, which is vast as it is, gets expanded constantly, with new products hitting the market based on international trends, as well as feedback from their clients. Between us; starting with them for a quote is always a good idea, as their prices are traditionally less expensive than going with an individual modern furniture designer, which has its perks, but can minimize what you get based on your budget. 

Nuwave Furniture

Nuwave Furniture cuts the mustard for our list of great modern furniture suppliers in Johannesburg largely because a core part of their mission is to supply furniture that breathes new life into your office space, without costing you an exorbitant amount of money. Whether you’re just looking for some office furniture, need help with design and fit-out, project management or just general space planning, their team is happy to help. Their ergonomic range of furniture, which you can see on their website, is to die for, and well worth the price. We also really like the fact that their entire catalogue has a similar aesthetic, meaning you can’t go wrong from buying multiple items from them direct. 

Riverwalk Furniture

Riverwalk Furniture is a general furniture supplier which started operating all the way back in 2006. Growing each year, they’ve tailored their catalogue to appeal to a wider audience with each new release. Most of their furniture is modern-yet-homely, which can at times be a little informal for offices, but also gives you a bit to play with if you’re looking for pieces to finish your existing designs. What we like about these guys is their ability to mix functionality with aesthetic appeal, meaning you get a collection of pieces that are not only modern, but elegant too.