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The Perks of Buying a Height-Adjustable Desk

The Perks of Buying a Height-Adjustable Desk

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to create a new workspace for yourself at home, you may want to consider a height-adjustable desk. What is this, you ask? Well, these kinds of desks are all the rage at the moment, especially because they encourage a more active workday, especially if you’re used to sitting in a crouched position for upwards of eight hours a day. Let’s explore this innovative new style of desk, discussing how much you should be standing during your workday, while also pointing you in the right direction to get your hands on one of these at an affordable price. 

What is a Height-Adjustable Desk?

Height-adjustable desks lets you transition between sitting and standing each day. Usually equipped with a simple lever (activated by an air cylinder), your desk height can double within a short space of time, without much struggle regardless of the contents on your desk. These types of desks haven’t been popularised in corporate environments, rather taking on life at startups, especially those that encourage hot desking. A height-adjustable desk, which encourages you to stand while you work, has long term health benefits, and could do your posture a world of good too. 

How Much Time You Should Be Standing in Your Work Day

Sitting behind a desk all day is a terrible idea according to health experts, with most encouraging at least 25% (15 minutes) of standing across a sixty minute period. This can be rather impractical if you don’t have a desk that can facilitate this, but ultimately is an investment that can do wonders for your stamina and health, especially if you end up standing for two hours out of each work day. As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your work hours and how you go about your day, so be sure to prioritise standing before you start your week, easing into a routine over the course of a few weeks. 

How Tall a Standing Desk Should Be

It can be hard to judge how high you should set a standing desk in the first place, so to begin, go with roughly your elbow height. Your elbows should be perpendicular to the floor, but be careful not to slump over the desk too much. As a rough estimate, a 180cm person will have their desk roughly 110cm high. Use this as a base calculation if you’re taller or shorter, and also talk to others who use similar desks about what has worked for them over time. It’s important that you’re comfortable as well, but remember that it may take your body some time to adjust to this new way of working. 

Where To Get Desks of All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you’re looking for a traditional desk or something a bit more modern, Ixaxa is a good place to start, especially if you’re in the Johannesburg area. With a catalogue that speaks for itself, as well as with the option to design furniture to your specs and needs, you’re unlikely to go wrong with them as your primary supplier. Keep an eye out on some of the specials they are running online, and if you’d like to get a better sense of their range, make an appointment to visit their showroom. They’re also more than happy to answer any questions you may have about regular and adjustable desks, giving expert advice (or putting you in touch with the right person) to provide you with great customer service. Happy desk hunting!

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