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The Main Types of Modern Office Conference Tables

Modern Office Conference Table

On the market for a new conference table? You’ll be happy to know that these days, these kinds of tables are no longer confined to just being bulky room filling slabs that get used once or twice a week for team meetings. Modern conference tables are designed with customer needs in mind, with the intention of maximizing office spaces of all shapes and sizes. The four types that are worth exploring if you’re looking for something new include modular, mobile, folding and glass tables. Let’s discuss each of these, in order for you to find the best solution for your space. 

Modular Conference Tables

Modular conference tables are popular in 2021, as they are known for being durable, lightweight and adjustable. That means that it is easy to move around, great for when you’re thinking about reconfiguring a space, or even just practical in case a new need pops up and you need to create a temporary solution relatively quickly. Expect all kinds of different shapes and sizes when it comes to modular conference tables, but make sure that you know roughly what you’re looking for before starting your search, as otherwise the search can be quite overwhelming. 

Mobile Conference Tables

Mobile conference tables are another type that you could be looking at as an option. This is especially important for when you’re dealing with a short-term office space rental, or if you’re needing to make use of a single table for multiple purposes. Modern conference tables are designed in a way that is more slim and sleek than the ones you remember from 90’s Hollywood films, which means that regardless of which type you go with, you are likely to get a more mobile solution than you may have had in mind. 

Modern Conference Table Wood

Folding Conference Tables

The idea of a folding conference table might have you thinking back to a school bake sale or project. When you see some of the folding conference tables on the market, you’ll be surprised by how much you can do, and how good the table will look while you’re doing it. Folding conference tables often come with additional storage options, double up as mobile tables, and even allow you to nest different pieces of office furniture together, in order to create the best possible designs for the needs of the team. Throw out any preconceived idea you might have about folding conference tables when you’re enquiring about various ranges on offer. 

Glass Conference Tables

Last but not least, glass conference tables are still popular these days, especially thanks to their innovative new designs and their immaculate beauty irrespective of their size. If you’re after a more architectural look in the office, a glass table may be an easy way to use those interior decorating skills to their full capacity. Glass tables are elegant and timeless, and although they may need regular cleaning to look their best, it’s well worth the extra time and attention in order to create the right kind of office environment for your team.

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