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The Importance of Lumbar Support in Modern Day Office Chairs

The Importance of Lumbar Support in Modern Day Office Chairs

Most entrepreneurs don’t even give a second thought to the chair that they sit on while working, especially if they find themselves bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop each day. When their businesses grow to a certain point, and they decide to set up a home office, or even when they take it a step further, and set up a fully fledged brick and mortar office, a chair does seem to be more of a practicality, which ideally will just fit into the general aesthetic of the room. Lumbar support is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a chair, and often this is one of the last considerations, especially when an online purchase is being made. Let’s explore this a little further and have a discussion about the importance of lumbar support in the office furniture you buy.

Office Life: Being Sedentary For 8 Hours a Day

It’s crucial to keep in mind that in any working space, people are going to be sedentary (seated) for a majority of upwards of eight hours a day. When considering this over a period of a month, or even just a week, it’s clear that how your body is supported by the chair becomes an important issue and something not to skimp on. If many people were happy to adopt standing desks for even just a quarter of this time, we would have less of a need to address the issue, but as a majority of employees and entrepreneurs around the world still sit and face their computers each day (even doing so for many hours when the workday wraps up), it’s important not to forget that there can be longer term health complications if not adequately addressed. 

Problems Associated with Bad Office Chairs

Office chairs with minimal lumbar support, like those at a coffee shop if you’re a remote worker, can create a great deal of stress on the lower back. Lumbar support refers to the back being well supported as you sit, and for many, a bad chair can be the cause of lower back pain, or even the thing that exacerbates existing back pain over time. When sitting in an office chair in general, as we lean forward, we increase the stress on the soft tissue, joints and discs and this can even cause pain and tension in the legs. It’s simply not worth sitting on a chair that doesn’t support you well, especially so if you’re sitting on it for a third of the time allocated to any given week.

The Benefits of Good Lumbar Support

Lumbar back support helps to promote good posture by “filling the gap” between the lumbar spine and the actual seat. This allows for the inward curve of the lower back to be supported in a rather natural fashion, and ultimately encourages correct posture. By using a chair that does so efficiently, you don’t have to worry about your back doing extra work to retain a good posture. In a bad chair, over time, your body will start to try to compensate for the lack of support by slouching, or leaning forward, in a way that you may not even notice yourself. Pick a buddy at work and ask them to help keep an eye on your posture in general, while also discussing posture with others in the office, especially if you feel like you may need some chairs that provide better support as a whole.

Where To Find Your Next Reliable Office Chair

At Ixaxa Office Furniture, you don’t need to worry whether the office chair range provides proper lumbar support. Their furniture is designed with the needs of the user in mind, and when it comes to their chairs, especially their heavy duty ones, the design is intricate enough to give you long lasting lumbar support. Don’t take a chance on your own health, and don’t do so to the rest of the team if you’re a decisionmaker at the company. Whether an entrepreneur or the CEO of a corporation, lumbar support affects us all equally, and should be high up on the priority list in terms of effective staff management, as well as in taking care of overall health and wellness levels in the office.

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