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The Best Ways To Reduce Echo In Your Office

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A lingering echo in the office might be a sign that there is too much bare space in the room. The fact that the space doesn’t have a lot in it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it may give the space a clinical feeling. If you’re trying to create an inviting company culture, this might be a challenge to overcome if you would like the team to feel more comfortable during their workday. The pandemic has also meant that more people are on conference calls than ever before, and echoes (whether through the software or the physical space) can be a great distraction during any meeting. The following tips should help to reduce echo in the office, in order to create a friendly, productive environment for everyone. 

Start With Soft Curtains, Cushions and Blankets

Check the curtains, cushions and blankets in the office. If you can’t find any, it might be an indicator as to why the space feels a little bit like a hospital waiting room. Always make sure to use soft curtains, rather than blinds, as these will absorb the sound better. Cushions and blankets might not be an office staple so to speak, but if you have a rec room and are wanting to encourage the team to feel a little more at home at the office, these will definitely go a long way. They also absorb noise well, which will reduce the echo in the office as a whole. 

Fluffy Carpeting Might Help

Next up, check the carpet. If the office is tiled, it’s going to be a lot harder for noise to be absorbed as a whole. Fluffy carpeting might require more maintenance in terms of cleaning, but it can be a great way to reduce noise as a whole. If you’re not able to get new carpets installed right away, consider adding more rugs to the area, to help with absorbing any echo in the meantime. As a rule, the softer you can go, the more likely you are going to stop the sound from traveling from department to department. 

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Fill Up The Bookshelves & Open Tabletops

Another great tip to keep in mind is to ensure that any bookshelves are well stocked, and that open tabletops have items on then. Adding more books to the office will not only give the space a professional feel, but will also encourage the team to learn more. Tabletops shouldn’t be cluttered, but perhaps there are surfaces that look a little more bare than they need to. Add some office plants to these spaces, or simply reshuffle some of the existing items in the surrounding areas to spread the noise absorption out a little better. 

Consider Acoustic Foam or Fabric Panels

If noise is a serious problem and people are complaining about it, it may be best to consider acoustic foam or fabric panels for key areas in the office. These are especially useful if you’d like to soundproof an area, or create more private space in the office. Although it might be a little bit of an expensive undertaking, it will be well worth it in the long run. If you need some more advice on how to reduce noise and echo in the office, reach out to the Ixaxa Office Furniture team for some extra help today.

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