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The Best Types of Office Chairs to Combat Back Problems

The Best Types of Office Chairs to Combat Back Problems

Having a good posture is everything. Not only does it stop you from developing problems as you get older and your body starts to take more strain, but it can have massive effects on your mobility in general too. We spend so much time at the office, and most of us have never even considered that we spend a fair share of 2000 hours a year sitting at our desks in an office chair. We’re not here to convince you to consider an adjustable desk (although it isn’t an altogether bad thought either), as today we want to focus on getting the other side of the equation correct, namely, your office chair. What makes for a good office chair, why are back problems so common, and what do you need to do if you think your office chair is lacking in the support department? Let’s discuss these topics today.  

Why Are Back Problems Common?

Back problems are traditionally common because they tie so closely to something we do every day of our lives: movement. The friction caused by our movements across a given day, especially if we’re getting older and are not as flexible as we were a few years ago, can lead to sprains, strains and other injuries. Constant strain on your back, in particular if its related to the type of work that you do, can also lead to painful spasm which will affect your daily activity, as well as how you sleep at night. Back problems are common among people of all walks of life, but studies have linked bad posture to a lot of problems later on in life too.

The Best Types of Office Chairs For Lumbar Support

If you’d like to give yourself the best possible chance not to go down the route of back pain and extensive problems, you can start by asking for an office chair that offers decent lumbar support. These typically come with an ergonomic seal of approval, or fall in the heavy-duty range you can browse through by way of online catalogues. The WAU Ergonomic Chair from Ixaxa, for instance, does both, and looks modernistic as well. Often, we think that these types of chairs should be ridiculously expensive, but with lumbar support becoming all the more important to the millennial generation, increased demand has led to an overall drop in prices over the course of the last few years.

What To Do If Your Office Chairs At Work Are Shabby

If you’re reading this while on your break at work, and you’re sitting down on your office chair, which may fall apart at any moment, first things first: get moving! The less time you can spend sitting in your day, the better. Secondly, while you’re moving, you may as well march to your line manager (or the HR manager) and ask to speak to them about the state of your chair. Remember that you’re putting in a lot of hours a month for the company, and their health should be a priority to you. If they are unable to replace your chair, ask if the option of buying an add-on to the existing chair, which will provide short-term lumbar support (and relief), is an option, otherwise, talk to the rest of your colleagues about their sentiment around the chairs. You’ll be thanked in the long run.

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