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The Best Places to Buy Office Furniture in Pretoria

The Best Places to Buy Office Furniture in Pretoria

While slightly more limited than the options available in bigger cities, Pretoria is still worth a gander if you’re looking to find good office furniture deals, from a variety of suppliers. If you’re in the process of remodelling the office, considering making some changes due to staff complaints about the state of office chairs (we’ve all been there), or looking for a general refresh to boost office morale as we head towards the end of the year, then it’s worth considering the following providers, who have a strong online presence, and are happy to deliver in the greater Gauteng area, with a keen interest in the Pretoria market.

Akandi Office

Akandi is a relatively new company, but it boasts a fast growing reputation in the industry. They supply a range of workstations based on the needs of many different spaces and office cultures and generally, their brand does have somewhat of a more youthful feel. What we like about these guys in particular, is their fusion of traditional African material with modern styles. They’re also not keen to skimp on functionality, while keeping affordability top of mind. Kudos!

Interopt Business Solutions

Interopt, on the other hand, has been around for decades, so you know exactly what kind of service you can expect from them. In 2018, they decided that it was time to take their operation to the next level, rebranding completely and also establishing brand new industry partnerships, to solidify their presence in the furniture industry as a whole. Fully BEE compliant, they are dedicated to the South African market specifically, opting not to expand into the greater African region for the time being. Did we mention their suppliers are 90% local? Nice!


Ergotherapy is as “new age” as one might imagine (it’s high time for more out-of-the-box competitors in the industry), with a focus on providing a fantastic experience to the workspace users. Their founder gave up a practice as a physiotherapist, seeing so many people with problems caused from poor lumbar support, and opting rather to tackle the problem on the ground. Ergotherapy offers a decently priced range of chairs, albeit that some of the traditional products are a little more expensive given the quality. They also provide some options for additional office supplies if you’re looking to bundle up your purchase. They keep it light, and we like it!

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture is a regular feature in the greater Gauteng area, well known for its reliable service and good customer support. Ixaxa offers direct access to the furniture product, skipping the involvement of any sort of middle man, and to add to that, they have a strict 48 hour delivery policy, keeping stock on hand at all times, unlike many other suppliers in the area. It’s a rarity for them to miss this deadline, and a part of their brand values outline long waiting times as potentially “ruining” what is supposed to be a good experience for the customer. Way to go, guys!

All-in-all, any of these four suppliers are a good way to go if you’re looking for a supplier with an office based in the Pretoria area. In 2019, it’s important not only to have a “go to” trusted brick and mortar business to supply furniture directly to the office, but also, that the service comes with good online support, and a smile to boot. Here’s to your next big corporate purchase being affordable, timeous and spreading joy to the rest of your team at the office.

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