Computer Desks Johannesburg

The Best Places to Buy Computer Desks in Johannesburg

The Best Places to Buy Computer Desks in Johannesburg

These days, an office desk may as well be called a computer desk. With the popularization of the use of laptops in businesses across the world since the start of the 21st century, most business surfaces can act as a hot desk for work, regardless of the office layout. This makes it all the more important to keep in mind that any office desk you invest in should always be computer and laptop friendly. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to find Computer Desks in Johannesburg, based not only on reputation, but general product range, availability and keeping good customer service in mind as well. You’re most welcome!

Office Pro

At Office Pro, they supply over fifteen different types of computer desks, each with a range of styles, from traditional to modern, bulky to minimalistic. While the Wave Manager Desk is quite basic in terms of bells and whistles, the higher up the price range you go, the more features you get. The Wavestone Executive Workstation, for one, is perfect for the modern executive – a point that is emphasized by the fact that the promotional images of the product even shows a laptop on the desk. Explore all the options in their range and give one of their consultants a call if, like us, you also like what you see.


Another option that may have crossed your mind, is TakeAlot. Known for being the #1 e-Tailer in South Africa, you’d be surprised that they have computer desk options, albeit not in the most traditional sense of the offering. Their products are good for when you’re looking to really capitalise on a smaller office space, and wanting to convert a standard desk into one that is computer friendly. Their Jumbo DeskStand, a standing desk retailing at around R1700, is a popular product particularly taking off in the Cape Town startup scene, but also slowly starting to trickle into companies up north. It provides space for two monitors and can take any traditional desk and turn it into three workstations, just like that. Definitely give it some thought, especially if you’re promoting a culture of wellness between the team (though keep in mind, that not everyone will be as thrilled to stand each day).


Well known in the furniture industry, Decofurn has branches all over Johannesburg and is known for their quick turnaround time on their products. We recently visited their branch in Fourways, to check out which options they have for computer desks. If you’re looking for something that has more of a homemade feel, at a generally more affordable rate than going directly to a furniture store in a mall, then these guys are the way to go. They provide multiple office desk options, in a multitude of colours, with some even retailing for under R1000. You’re not necessarily getting state of the art furniture by considering the cheaper options, but they’re a great option if your business is in the nurturing phase, or if you’re expanding rapidly and need more desk space for the growing team.

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture is well known as one of Gauteng’s primary office furniture suppliers. Their Beautiq range, which comes in managerial, loop leg and executive options, have just hit their showrooms and would be great products to consider for your computer desk needs. The Dakota desk, which has been one of the higher online sellers, is another one of our favourites, in particular if you’re looking for something a little more minimalistic, but with some extra pizazz. As always, Ixaxa provides great service, and their consultants are more than happy to tailor their products to your needs, discussing what would work best for you, and providing an affordable option to boot.