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The Best Office Chairs: Designed with Posture In Mind

The Best Office Chairs: Designed with Posture In Mind

If you’re reading this from home or from work, take a second to consider your posture at the moment. Are you slumped down in a chair, or perhaps have your shoulders back while laying on bed and using your cellphone? As a whole, we have become laxidasical about our posture, not paying too much attention to it, when it is something that is important to our overall long term health. If you’re concerned about your posture, have you considered that you spend most of your time in a sitting position, possible in an office environment? It’s important to take a look at the chair you’re sitting on each day, and whether it is maximising your chances of maintaining good posture as you grow older.

Why an Office Chair Should Take Care of Your Posture

Office chairs are used for hours on end, and in modern times many people are more than happy to clock a bit of overtime to get to those looming deadlines, or to make an extra buck here and there. This can mean that you’re sitting in an office chair for upwards of 200 hours a month, which amounts to nearly ten days of sitting out of your entire month. If the chair you’re sitting in doesn’t have proper lumbar support, or isn’t designed with ergonomics in mind, you are not making a wise decision for your health by using it so extensively, and it’s time to talk to someone about getting a new chair as soon as possible.

What Does Ergonomic Mean?

While predominantly referring to a product specifically designed with comfort in the working environment in mind, the word ergonomic has become synonymous with modern furniture over the years. Ergonomic not only keeps in mind user comfort and practicality, but also has your health at the forefront. An ergonomic chair will likely have solid lumbar support, will provide features that allow you to customise the chair to give you the best possible sitting experience, and also has technological innovations that look after your best interests, with a view towards your health needs.

Office Chairs Designed With Your Posture in Mind

While there are many chairs designed with your posture in mind, some of the biggest sellers of 2019 include the Herman Miller Embody Chair, Steelcase Gesture Chair and the Haworth Zody Chair. These all have ergonomics in mind, and provide you with a balanced sitting experience, designed to give your posture the best possible support. When looking for a new office chair, and let’s say you’re busy talking to a supplier like Ixaxa Office Furniture for example, it’s important that you ask the right questions about their range, as you’re not making a decision that should be taken too lightly.

Getting information about how it was designed, finding out about the structures in place to support your posture, and getting a better sense as to how it can benefit your health in the long run, will allow you to make a more informed decision before parting with your hard earned cash. If you don’t take your health, or the health of your staff seriously, then nobody will. Make the right decision for everyone, and consider a chair that is best for your posture, as well as your overall health.

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