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Ten Steps to Take Before Overhauling Your Office Furniture Layout

Ten Steps to Take Before Overhauling Your Office Furniture Layout

An office space contains various types of office furniture and sometimes we have items that were purchased way back when the company was first started. You may be considering changing your entire layout and changing the look of your company’s office space. Here are ten steps to take before overhauling your office furniture layout.

1. Measure Your Office Area

Measure the space in your Office Area. From this, you can decide how you would like to design the layout of your furniture and plan the decoration around it.

2. Identify Your Colour Scheme

When choosing a colour scheme, opt for colours that represents your organisation, but that can also create a good atmosphere in the space. You can opt for neutral colours and add accent colour accessories with your decorations. Alternatively, you can go bold, depending on the type of company and message your portray.

3. Material Of Furniture

There are various types of materials of which to choose from for your office furniture. Opt for smooth textures where possible.


Wooden furniture should match your colour scheme and décor. It should also be light-weight, to make it easier to move from one place to another.


Plastic furniture lasts a long time and can be used for chairs and tables in a cafeteria setting or waiting area for guests/visitors.

Mild Steel

You can use steel material in office tables and chairs, but it doesn’t mean your furniture cannot be fashionable. Steel is also very durable and you won’t need to replace furniture in the near future.


While selecting a work area or capacity for your office, glass-fronted entryways will reflect light and open your space. Remember with glass you won’t have the capacity to conceal any of your office messes.


Leather furniture is timeless and creates the idea of a very grandiose office space. Leather is also very durable and can last many years.


There are various fabric options to choose from for your guest/visitor furniture.

4. Comfortable Office Chair

Chairs that provide the most comfort fully functional, comfortable and adjustable. There are so many types of chairs to choose from.

CEO or Executive Chairs

It should be high back chairs and must have some important features to adjust as per the requirement of the user. Executive chairs are available in various options.

Conference Chairs

Conference chairs can be the same colour or various shades of the same colour. It should be made of fabric or plastic and should match your ceiling and wall colours. The table must be the same or similar to the colour and texture as the chairs.

Ergonomic Chairs

There are a couple of authority principles for utilization of the term “ergonomic” with regards to office furniture. This type of chair looks stunning as well as aesthetic. They are very functional and includes functions like adjustment of back support and hand supports.

Guest Chairs

If you can afford a sofa chair, then it’s a good idea to provide comfort to your guests and maintain the brand of your office. There are also different types of chairs that you can use as guest/visitor chairs in your office. It can also be made of fabric and plastic.

5. Office Desk

An Office desk can be large when you consider a conference table or desk. The table should be light weight and strong.

Computer Desk

Computer desks can be different colours, which suit the ambiance of your office space. It is small in size which occupies necessities only. They are similar in look, which keeps the employees’ work area separate.

Executive Desk

An executive desk is usually large and has lots of storage space and is mainly used by the senior managerial people in the company.

Corner Desk

This desk contains mostly stationery items or an espresso machine. It should be in a darkish colour to easily highlight it in an office. The desk can be decorated by placing flower pots as well and putting a fax machine or other items. This is usually used by employees in the office.

Secretary Desk

It is very small in size and contains fewer things like pen holders, a small plant, and one laptop or PC. It can be made of any material but is especially preferred in wooden materials.

Floating Desk

This is a very efficient idea to optimize small space in an office. It takes less space to establish, because of its design. It contains fewer things like a simple drawer and some important things which are related to the office.

L-Shaped Desk

It contains more things like one big holder and some racks to store anything. There is lots of space on it to do more work at a time. It is very large in size and accommodates many items.

Glass Desk

It is fully transparent and smooth in appearance. This can be large or small in size and can contain many things. This idea is cheaper than steel or some other materials.

White or Black Desk

Desks can also come in white and black, individually or combined. Both colours look good in desk furniture which gives a fully professional glance. In this, either desk can be white and holders are black or the desk can be black and holders are white.

6. Office Guest Sofa

If your paint colour scheme is white, you can opt for a grey guest sofa or if your paint colour scheme is red or some type of dark colour, then opt for a bright coloured sofa which can make your office look luxurious.

7. Office Storage

Storage areas in an office need to take up a considerable amount of space. There are various furniture options available to furnish your storage area, to ensure safe-keeping and storage of confidential documents, files, and so much more. When opting for storage furniture, there are various options to choose from.

8. Office Door

In an office, every door should have a manager’s name, or department’s name on a name plate, or sandblasted on. This will help differentiate different offices and departments in your office. Doors can be made of any material like wood, mild steel, glass, or whichever suits the office furniture and colour scheme as well.

9. Office Accessories

Desk supplies, paper products, filing supplies, stationery/mailing supplies, computer/printer supplies, time tracking supplies, binding supplies, supplies for hanging, identification supplies, etc, form part of office accessories.

10. Consider The Price

Prices should be reasonable and fall within your budget. Make the most of your budget, but don’t scrounge on items that you should not.”

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