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Task Chair vs Ergonomic Office Chair – Differences, Pros And Cons Explained

Task Chair vs Ergonomic Office Chair – Differences, Pros And Cons Explained

You carefully planned your home or business office and invested money to furnish it. After spending your budget or maybe even going slightly over, don’t make the mistake of “saving” on your office chair. You will be spending a lot of time at your desk; make sure that you will be comfortable and well-supported. A good office chair will contribute to better work habits and to your overall success: an office chair selected to your specifications is sure to increase productivity. The four main factors to consider when buying an office chair are mobility, comfort, adjustability, and durability. Since there are so many different styles and types to choose from, the following is a brief guide to help you decide what kind of office chair will best suit you.+

What is a Task Chair?

Task chairs, by definition, are functional chairs that are suitable for a variety of activities and body types. These popular, low-backed chairs come with or without arms and are popular fixtures within an office or academic setting. Sometimes referred to as “steno chairs,” these task chairs were originally used by stenographers, and employees who worked in a typing pool / secretarial capacity.

Because task chairs are used by a wide variety of people, they’re commonly found in shared employee spaces and workstations. Because they easily slide under a desk and are often relatively inexpensive, they are a great choice for students and can often be found in dorm rooms, student computer facilities, or libraries.

What To Look for in a Task Chair

Since task chairs are the utility players of the office chair world, one of their best features is that they’re often quite economical. As always, all types of chairs vary in price and have different features. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for task chairs for your office:

Most task chairs use a lever to adjust it for the height of the occupant. However, not all task chairs will have multi-tilt functionality.

  • With or without armrests

A study by Cornell University found that chairs with armrests are beneficial for those who do a lot of typing. If your task chair will be used by individuals who do a lot of typing, it may be a wise investment to choose one with armrests. However, if your task chair may be bound for a common space in the office—think conference room or brainstorming think tank—task chairs without armrests will more than suffice!

  • Head off neck fatigue with a headrest

If task chairs will be used for activities such as proofreading or other reading-intensive endeavours, they should feature optional headrests. This can help encourage a more upright posture and eliminate “crane strain” on the neck and upper back from tilting your head forward to read documents.

What is an Ergonomic Office Chair?

General ergonomic office chairs are designed to create a relaxing and comfortable working environment, general office chairs encourage optimum concentration and productivity. A happy medium between operator and executive, they’re often favoured by those in management positions and prove brilliant all-rounders, ideal for meetings and interviews as well as desk work.

At an affordable price, they provide all the features of operator models, plus some added extras. With denser padding and higher backrests, you’re able to sit comfortably for extended lengths of time, as seen in the Munster. What’s more, there are armrests for increased support, as well as a tilting mechanism in the seat that can be locked into place for an upright or reclined working position. Whilst some are upholstered in fabric, faux leather is proving increasingly popular due to the wealth of colours it facilitates.

Task Chair vs Ergonomic Office Chair – what’s better?

In short: If you have a high-volume of users who will be sated for “shorter” periods of time, or even for projects, task chairs may prove to be the best fit.

Choose a task chair to lower costs when multiple users will be making use of the same chair on a daily or weekly basis.

Opt for an ergonomic office chair for sustained comfort to employeess who see their workday mostly seated.

Ergonomic officer chairs are the slightly more costly version of all office chairs, but always remember the “quality vs quantity” rule.


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