L-Shaped Office Desks – A 2021 Review

Office design occurs in all shapes and sizes, and businesses typically opt for layouts that will both maximise productivity and serve as a visual representation of the company and what it offers. Aside from this, the layout of an office space says a lot about company culture. Whether you’re a startup or a corporate, at the heart of the office space is the desk and chair combination, which is something no business can do without. When was the last time you considered a different type of desk for your office space? L-Shaped desks are still relevant in 2021, and our review will dig a little deeper into why this is the case. 

What Makes an L-Shaped Desk Different To Others?

The first question you may have around L-Shaped desks is why they are different to more traditional options. Fundamentally, these desks are designed to provide an increased storage capacity as well as a bigger working space, in a way that doesn’t take up more office space than an alternative would. From writing, gaming to standing desk options, the possibilities are endless and many people in occupations like architecture, design and building require large surface spaces to be able to multitask in their day-to-day activities on the job. L-Shaped desks give you the option to do so without having to keep shifting around items in the office itself. 

The Benefits of Using an L-Shaped Office Desk

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned, there is a practical consideration that should also be highlighted, which can typically only be understood once you’ve used this kind of desk for a while. With traditional desks, at times it can be difficult to reach the entire desk surface, but this is not the case when you opt for an L-shaped alternative. Not only practical for people with smaller statues (shorter arms), but in terms of boosting productivity and maximising the total surface area in play on a given desk, this design utilises every inch in a way that benefits the working process. When going for an option with added storage space (like shelves or drawers), you really get the most out of your purchase. 

Optimising Office Space in 2021

When considering a newly revamped office space in 2021, it helps to keep some general trends in mind. These days, less is certainly more, as companies utilise less space to be able to do more in. Gone are the days where companies rent excessively large spaces, and typically all businesses try to keep overheads low by making the most of the space they already have. When looking to optimise your office space, or to assist with the redesign of a specific department at work, the L-Shaped office desk is a great way to get the most out of the space you have, while possibly even being a more affordable purchase if you worry that you may need to buy extra cabinets and shelf spaces down the line and in case a specific department starts growing.

Knowing Where To Find Your Next Office Desk

L-Shaped desks are still relevant in 2021 thanks to general design trends, and their practical benefits in office spaces of all shapes and sizes. Whether you think this is the way to go for your business, or if you have some more questions about buying an office desk, a reputable supplier like Ixaxa Office Furniture is a good place to start. Ixaxa is known for offering a wide range of affordable and high quality products, usually at competitive rates relative to what else you may find on the market. L-Shaped desks are often less considered than traditional options, even though they may provide your business with more solutions than you could have imagined an office desk would be able to. 

Why Warranties Are Important When Buying Office Furniture

It’s easy to get swept up in the process of buying new furniture, especially if you’re excited about starting up a new office space, or upgrading an existing one. This process usually includes looking at a lot of catalogues, hours of research online, speaking to the team about their likes and dislikes, and eventually making a decision about pieces that will allow the office to look inviting, professional and beautiful. One of the easiest things to forget about is the warranties attached to the furniture you are buying. What is a warranty, and why are these so important when buying office furniture? Today, we’ll dig a little to get to the bottom of this before you make your next purchasing decision. 

What is a Warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee provided by the manufacturer which assures you that the furniture you are buying is of high quality, and does not contain any manufacturing defects. This brings with it some peace of mind that you’re paying for the best possible version of what you’re buying, and also gives you the opportunity to query the manufacturer about any issues according to the way their terms and conditions are laid out. Always get familiar with these before you swipe your card, to be safe. 

The Warranty Says More About Quality

So why is the warranty so important when buying office furniture? Aside from the natural protection it offers you as a consumer, the truth of the matter is that the warranty itself can tell you a great deal about the quality of the furniture you are buying. Office furniture warranties typically indicate which products will last long, are higher quality, and can be banked on not to have to be replaced in the short to medium term. Any business owner will know the value of delivering a high quality product or service, and the same level should be expected when making a substantial financial commitment to furnishing an office space you (and many others) will be spending upwards of 40 hours a week in. 

Office Furniture Warranties: 5 Years or Bust

Depending on the supplier and the type of furniture you are buying, office furniture warranties can vary from 1, all the way up to 10 years. As a rule, anything with a warranty of over 5 years is considered to be in the upper echelon for quality, and also creates peace of mind for the buyer that the manufacturer has their back for more than just any short-term issues. While some manufacturers are hesitant to provide extended warranties, it’s not a bad idea to ask about whether it’s a possibility, as perhaps it may even be worth paying a little extra to get cover for longer, similarly to how you would have a service or maintenance plan for a car. It could save you a lot of money down the line. 

Finding a Reputable Supplier With Decent Office Furniture Warranties

Even if you’ve done extensive research on the type of furniture you want to bring into the office, it’s likely that the warranty hasn’t even crossed your mind yet until now. This is common for many consumers, especially in the fast paced world we live in today. Reputable companies like Ixaxa Office Furniture offer an extensive catalogue of furniture catering to businesses of all shapes and sizes, with most items featuring the sought after 5 year guarantee badge. Their products hit the sweet spot in terms of good quality and assurance that the manufacturer won’t turn their backs to you if you run into any problems over the years of use. If you’re on the hunt furniture supplier in South Africa guaranteeing quality and good policies in case you run into problems, or if you just need a bit of advice before you make a purchasing decision, look no further. 

Wooden Desks at Home or The Office: A Review

Whether you’re building an office setup at home, or starting up a new space for a new business idea, wooden desks are always a good starting point as you begin to populate a few ideas around how the space is going to come together. While companies like Ixaxa Office Furniture will have you covered if you’re curious about all the different types of wooden furniture out there, knowing a little bit more about the pros and cons of going with wooden desks, as well as considering both within the home and office spaces, can help you gain clarity ahead of making a purchasing decision. 

The Pros of Buying Wooden Furniture

From a practical sense, the biggest advantage of a wooden desk is its durability and strength. These desks typically won’t sag over time, especially if you’re using hardwood, rather than cheaper alternatives on the market. Wooden furniture is easy to pair up with other items in any given space, comes in a variety of neutral colours, and can last for decades if properly taken care of. Many new business owners make the mistake of buying cheap when they first purchase desks, which can result in short-term replacements. High quality wood not only lasts long, but has a better resale value too, which can be useful if you’re looking to free up some cashflow for a new purchase down the line. 

The Cons to Keep in Mind

While wood desks are typically durable and beautiful, there are a couple of cons to keep in mind as well. Wood is vulnerable to water, and moisture can do damage to wood finishes, even soaking into the wood underneath, damaging it and causing it to swell and split. Ultraviolet light also easily damages the colour of wood surfaces, similarly to how sunlight affects the skin. Keep this in mind, especially regarding the positioning of the desk, or the positioning of a desk lamp for evening use. Wood can get scratched relatively easily, and repairs take patience and some skill. While wood does tick a lot of boxes, when it comes down to the finer details, these considerations should be kept in mind.

Wooden Desks in the Office Environment

Knowing more about the pros and cons can give a good indication as to how wooden desks may perform in the office environment. In a space that typically includes a large group of people, wooden desks may be more prone to spillage, scratching and wear and tear. This is not because people are sloppy, but mostly because people will be using a desk that they didn’t buy themselves, which naturally takes away the pressure of looking after the items. Encourage a policy of open communication around wear and tear and problems with desks, as well as incentivising cleanliness around workspaces. While buying in bulk may be an expensive exercise, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing the desks in the short-term just because multiple people are using them at the same time.

Wooden Desks in the Home Environment

At home, it may be a little easier to maintain a wooden desk, especially as it will likely be used a little less frequently, it will be an item that you bought and own yourself, and if you’re spending a lot of time at the office, it certainly won’t be used as often as at work. This doesn’t mean that you should skimp on a desk for work. If anything, buying a high-quality wooden desk can be somewhat of an investment, can bring great pride to your workspace, and can be an encouragement for you to enjoy spending your time in the area. Wooden desks are great for single-use homes, especially as they are known for being strong and durable, while eliciting an image of professionalism and style. 

Where To Buy Affordable Office Furniture in Gauteng

Gauteng is South Africa’s hustle and bustle capital, known for its innovative business districts in Johannesburg and widely recognised as a region of economic opportunity. Irrespective of location, 2020 has thrown the world economy a curveball via the coronavirus pandemic, and businesses of all shapes and sizes have been affected in some capacity. If you’re one of those businesses you’ll likely be finding new ways to maintain good cashflow, which can be especially difficult if you’re also looking to grow certain departments in the company, or if you need to make some office furniture changes as a result of wear and tear. The former is harder to help you with, but today, the latter will be our primary focus. Where can you go to find affordable office furniture in Gauteng?

The Competitive Furniture Market in Gauteng

Before you start your search, it helps to keep in mind that the furniture industry in Gauteng is very competitive, with new businesses popping up regularly all over the place. That’s why it is even more important to ensure you’re buying from a reputable provider who has access to the highest quality stock, as well as to specialist suppliers with a view towards how their designs can improve efficiency in the workplace. Sounds like a bit of a challenge? On your own, perhaps. Luckily, the companies on our list have proved their worth over time and are a good place to get some quotes as you figure out what you’ll be investing some of the company funds in. 

Ixaxa Office Furniture

You can’t talk about office furniture in Gauteng without mentioning Ixaxa Office Furniture. These guys sell a large variety of products, including ergonomic office chairs, office desking, reception units, soft seating and even storage solutions. With 20 years of collective management experience in the furniture industry, they decided to launch a furniture showroom back in 2009, which to this day showcases some of their innovative office furniture designs. The company boasts a completely customer focused service, which includes always keeping in mind the budget set out by the potential client. Ask them about their ongoing specials, and you may even walk away with a better deal than you imagined. 


Entrawood is unique as they present their catalogue in a way not typically seen from other office furniture providers on the market. They categorise their stock across areas like “agile office”, “height adjustable desking” and so-forth, targeting the experience with the furniture, rather than just listing items within each type of furniture. This means that you’ll likely walk away with more than you initially planned on buying, and the good news is that their prices are competitive enough to make it worth your while. Now into their fourth decade of operation, the company loves supplying entrepreneurs and small businesses with new furniture, believing that these businesses form the backbone of economic growth moving into the future. 


Last but not least, Angelshack grabbed our attention as a great furniture provider in Gauteng because of one thing in particular. They are one of the first businesses to offer a “WFH” (work from home) section on their website, highlighting that they’ve spotted a gap in the market as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and more people being forced to conduct business from home. Based in Buccleuch but with a showroom in Illovo, Angelshack prides itself on providing contemporary, smart, award winning furniture to their clients. They approach each sale as a collaboration, meaning that both parties end up walking away from the transaction feeling satisfied with the interaction. More than that, no business can ask for. 

Where To Buy Executive Desks in South Africa

Making a lasting impression with your office furniture doesn’t necessarily require the input of an interior designer, but does require buying the right kind of furniture. To many of us, when thinking about a desk we don’t think too much further than the way it looks and what it is made of. Executive desks offer this and so much more. Today, we’ll explore this a little further, while also looking at some of the best places to start your search for an executive desk if you’re on the hunt for an item that can bring your office space together in a big way. 

What is an Executive Desk?

An executive desk is a type of desk that is designed with the busy corporate executive in mind. This type of desk is engineered towards user efficiency, comfort and also providing sufficient storage space. Executive desks send a strong message to clients, employees and investors. An executive desk is typically in the higher end of the office furniture price bracket, but the last thing you will find when buying one of these is lack of quality design. These desks are efficient and elegant, and are likely to result in years, if not decades of use. 

Office Group Office Furniture

Starting your search for an executive desk can be as simple as checking in with Office Group, a company that sells a series of interesting high-end executive desks for the modern professional. Their range includes the popular Elite L-Shaped desk, Solaire managerial desk, as well as the Noval L-Shaped desk. The biggest surprise about their designs is that they focus on keeping the desks as light as possible, complimenting the common notion that start-ups need to be mobile and able to be flexible to changing office environments. Office Group delivers all over the country, so whether you’re part of a corporation or a new business, they’ve got you covered. 

All Office

All Office has a long history in the furniture business, first entering the market back in 1978 and since growing to be one of the most well known ergonomic office furniture suppliers. They use this ethos when it comes to designing all their products, and their line of executive desks are proof of this too. While the company specialises in designing complete office systems, a nice tip for anyone looking for individual items is to ask to see some of their most recent complete office designs. This not only gives you a realistic view regarding what a specific desk may look like within a real office space, but allows you to explore specific designs while saving you the time of asking for samples to be sent to you. Ask about their Legacy executive desk if you’re looking for excellence personified. 

Ixaxa Office Furniture

When it comes to anything office furniture related, Ixaxa Office Furniture is always a brand that you can trust to deliver a high quality product at a competitive rate. Their office desks are renowned for being modern and versatile, speaking to different arrangements of offices depending on the needs of the business. What we like about their approach is that they always focus on how their furniture can help to improve office culture. Whether that means having a second think about the type of executive desk you bring into your office or not, it’s good to know that their intentions are to add value to the office irrespective of what you’re looking for. Now that’s one classy operation indeed.

Why You Should Consider a Glass Office Desk in 2021

When buying a new office desk, the standard go-to for most people is to look at wooden options. Few of us remember that there are other choices to go with, including glass, which can be a great option to consider depending on your workplace needs. Glass desks have a share of benefits relative to other types on the market, which we’ll detail here. This is especially true in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has required many businesses to rethink their policies and practices, in order to keep their employees safe at the office.  

Low Maintenance and Cleaning Practices

Glass desks are typically very low maintenance, and do not require a lot of effort when it comes to cleaning and servicing. Glass tops are transparent, making them easy to clean, and it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to remove stains from a coffee spill, for instance. This isn’t always the case with wooden alternatives, which can be permanently damaged from unforeseen spills. Glass tops are also less likely to scratch, especially if you are buying in the mid to high range of desks on the market. 

Limitless Styling Options

From an aesthetic perspective, a glass office desk also allows you to explore other styling options which may not be available to you in the traditional wooden colours. A glass table gives you the freedom to play around with colour and design. When buying a new glass table for any space, there is less of a chance that the table will clash with the overall look and feel of the space, which is a practical benefit that is very useful (and cost saving) when you’re only replacing specific items, and not doing a full remodel. 

Avoiding Clashes & The Illusion of Space

A glass desk also allows you to bring in additional materials in terms of how you decorate the workspace area itself, as well as how you decorate the office space as a whole. A glass desk can be matched with other types of materials rather easily, and will not end up clashing with wood or metal. This helps when you’re expanding a space in the future, or when you’re thinking about bringing in different types of furniture into the space. Glass desks also give the illusion of space, which can help a lot in a setting where surface area is limited to begin with. 

Glass Office Desks in a Post-Pandemic World

The world is forever changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most important considerations of the post-pandemic workspace will be how it is designed relative to keeping employees safe from infection and healthier altogether. A glass desk works effortlessly in combination with hand sanitisers and sanitising sprays, and also provides a surface where it will be easier to spot dirty areas and spots with fingerprints, where people have come into contact with the workspace itself. Glass office desks are expected to be in high demand moving into 2021 as a result of this. Ixaxa Office Furniture can help you find a good option if you’re wanting to get ahead of the curve already. 

Boardroom Table 2021 Thumbnail

What Makes a Great Boardroom Table in 2021?

What Makes For a Great Boardroom Table in 2021?

The boardroom is the heart of any business. This space is reserved for company and department meetings, wooing investors and potential clients, and often it brings together the team for staff functions as well. Consisting of various parts, few will argue that one of the most important investments in this space is the table, which brings the room together and is a focal point for anyone entering the space. So what makes for a great boardroom table in 2021? The following factors should give you more of an idea of what is working well on the market these days. 

Size Matters

It may be a cliche, but when it comes to a boardroom table, size truly matters. In an ideal boardroom, the table should match the size of the room so meeting participants can get up, sit down and move around freely and easily from within the space. Think about how many people you have to seat in one go, and have an accurate measurement of the total space you’re working with. Consider that people may be sitting in meetings for hours on end, so thinking that everyone will be able to sit still at all times in this day and age is unrealistic. Don’t forget a small coffee station in the room to help with that. 

…So Does Table Shape

The shape of the table is another factor to keep in mind in any great boardroom table. A round table tends to work better in smaller rooms, creating a cosy and intimate setting. If you’re hosting upwards of 15 people at a time in the boardroom, a round table might make the people feel slightly far away from each other. A rectangular table offers something a round table doesn’t, namely that it makes space for the person leading the meeting to sit at the head of the table. Keep this in mind if you’ve got a corporate office structure, or if the company culture plays into hierarchy more than at other places.

Choosing The Best Material

Surface materials matter, especially when you’re buying a table that will be used continuously by a large group of people over a longer period of time. A great boardroom table is durable, and will not need to be replaced frequently. Consider wood (hard or soft maple), stone, glass, laminate and polymer surfaces depending on the overall aesthetic of the room, but whichever you decide to go with, make sure that you’re not skimping on the purchase. 

Last But Not Least, Consider Price

While cutting corners elsewhere in the business might help, the office boardroom table is not a place to look at cost-saving, as the quality of the table will be directly affected in the process. Places like Ixaxa Office Furniture — who sell a range of boardroom tables for you to choose from — offer better prices than you may find from other similar suppliers in the South African market. Consider their crest wood boardroom tables as a starting point for a high-quality product that will not end up costing you an arm and a leg. Keeping all the tips presented here today in mind before you buy, you’ll be faced with a beautiful, furnished boardroom space before you know it. Good luck on the search!

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Tips To Finding Cheap Office Furniture in South Africa in 2021

Everybody loves getting their hands on a good deal, and when it comes to buying new office furniture, every discount goes a long way towards the budget. If you’re getting ready to start your search for a specific type of furniture, you’re setting up a new office space, or creating one at home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following tips will be able to help you to get your hands on cheap furniture in South Africa. 

Utilising Mailing Lists For Deals and Specials

If you’ve already got a couple of suppliers in mind, it’s best not to rush straight into their catalogues. If the companies have mailing lists, sign up for them to receive any of their most recent deals and specials. You can also take a look at their social media accounts to get a sense on any seasonal specials that might be ongoing. Having a little bit of patience during this process could lead to you opening up your budget in more ways than you can even imagine. 

Getting Specific About What You’re Looking For

Searching for office furniture can be hard work, especially if you’re banking on working through as many online catalogues as possible to find what you’re looking for. As with anything, knowing what you’re looking for can go a long way to simplifying the process. If you’re unsure of the specific types of products you need, especially with typically expensive items like office desks and ergonomic chairs, talk to a specialist about what your exact needs are. Once they’ve pointed you in the right direction, you’re in the clear to focus only on the product types relevant to your search. 

Lean on Reputable Providers 

We can’t emphasise the idea of going with a reputable provider enough. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of buying a lower quality product and having no options to replace or return it later, but you’ll also be guaranteeing that you’re getting a decent warranty on the products you buy too. Start a short list of a couple of providers you have in mind, talk to friends and family about who they’ve used in the past, and don’t be shy about doing some digging into the history of the supplier online. 

Do a Price Check Comparison For Second Hand Items

In a bid to save some time, a lot of us will jump onto the first item we see, but doing a price check comparison by scoping out what people are paying for used versions of what you’re trying to buy can give you greater clarity about what you can expect to pay. It helps to show you what you should be aiming for, and better yet, gives you some bargaining power over the salesperson too. If you don’t get a sense about what the costs of what you need are, you’ll likely end up overpaying for the purchase. 

Mention You Have Comparative Quotes

Last but not least, don’t be shy to make some noise about the research you have done. This is especially useful if you’re on the verge of buying a new piece of office equipment. Talk to the salesperson about any comparative quotes that you received, and ask them whether they would be able to offer you a better price. Nine times out of ten they’ll be able to help you, in a bid to secure the sale. That way, you’re truly making sure you’re getting your hands on a great deal and making the experience of buying new office furniture all the less stressful than it would be otherwise. Happy hunting!