Why You Need a Study Chair and Table For Your Home

So you’ve finished up your studies and have been working for a couple of years. Perhaps it’s more than a couple of years, and your time at university or college feels like an eternity ago. The chances are you’ll never return to your studies, right? In this case, you may think that you’ll never need a study chair and table in your home, and that they may well be somewhat of a waste of space. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and as we’ll suggest today, getting this delectable pair for your home could be a blessing in disguise in all kinds of scenarios that could pop up moving into the future. 

The Changing Working Landscape

First up, the entire world has been turned upside down by the onset of COVID-19. The pandemic has changed the way we go about our days, how we interact with others, and especially how many of us are working. For the lucky people who have continued to work through the pandemic, the reality was in all likelihood a scenario where you were working from home, and had to put together a makeshift desk and work area. You can only do so much with the kitchen counter! As the work landscape evolves, and as more companies embrace remote working as a viable option, getting a study chair and a table that helps you in the event of a future lockdown, or in a more permanent work from home scenario, is a good course of action to follow. 

The New Normal: Learning Goes Online

You may be a while away from your carefree student days, but the truth of the matter is that e-learning is making serious gains in the world, both for people looking to gain qualifications and those taking online courses for diplomas to specialise in a key area related to the work they do. This not only helps you to keep stimulating your brain, but also adds a notch to your CV as your career continues to grow. If you’re going to study anything in future, then it helps having a study chair and table at home, even when you’re doing an online course. Having a dedicated space for working on assignments and listening to class can make the process a lot easier than blurring the lines of work  personal and finishing up tests and lectures from a personal space like your bedroom. 

A Multi-Purpose Space To Be Creative

If you’re not anticipating any kind of online learning in your future, then having a study chair and table doesn’t have to be a completely irrelevant concept. We all need a multi-purpose space to be creative, especially in times of relative uncertainty. You don’t have to be the latest Picasso, or claim to be writing the next Harry Potter series. It also doesn’t have to be all Netflix, all day. Having a space where you can do the basics, like playing with marble painting, playdough modelling or even doing something like water balloon painting can be a great way to escape for a moment, or to bond with a family member or loved one at home.

Getting a Good Deal on Study Chairs and Tables

So whether you’re excited about advancing your education, working from home on a more permanent basis or just needing a safe space to express your creativity, a study chair and table can bring you that and offer you so much more in the process. Explore places like Ixaxa Office Furniture for the best deals around these furniture items, and to get some ideas about what would work best in your living space, especially if you’re living in a smaller apartment. Before you know it, you’ll have an area to unwind from the daily grind, and to explore your personal and professional growth. 

Affordable Home Office Chairs Thumbnail

Where To Buy Affordable Home Office Chairs in 2021

There has never been a better time to invest in a new home office chair, especially if you find yourself spending more time away from the office or if you’re getting used to a new work from home policy at your place of employment. Gone are the days of banking on makeshift office spaces and using the kitchen chair to double up as a work chair. This is not only bad for your posture and back, but is a gateway to reducing your mobility and flexibility as you age over time. So where can you look to buy an affordable home office chair in 2021? We’ve got you covered, with a couple of options to help you start your search as soon as possible. 

Why Demand For Home Office Chairs Is Surging

If last year someone had said that demand for home office chairs would be soaring in winter 2021, many South Africans likely would not have believed them. The world was rocked by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter of the year and it seems like we’re in it for the long haul until an approved vaccine hits the market in the coming years. As a result, many businesses were forced to create new work from home policies to keep the business afloat, and employees on all levels of the company organogram have had to adjust. For some, the adjustment is permanent, meaning that investing in a high quality office chair has become less of a nice-to-have, and more of a need. 

Game Stores

If you’re on a budget and looking to make your hard earned rands work hard for you, looking for a home office chair at Game is a possibility you should consider. Their prices are solid relative to buying from other providers, but at the same time, their products are typically house-brand items designed to fill the need within the market for minimal cost. This means that quality might sometimes be compromised, and warranties may also be shortened. Our suggestion is to use Game to get a price estimation on items similar to what you’re looking for, and then to source some quotes from actual office furniture providers to ensure you buy a high quality product that will last you a long time.

Ixaxa Office Furniture

One such furniture supplier to consider is Ixaxa Office Furniture, which currently boasts an impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 on its Google listing reviews. This furniture company has been around for a few decades, continuously changing its product line to meet the ever changing demands of the modern office worker. When trying to find a home office chair that won’t blow your budget completely out of the water, have a look at one of the 16 chairs currently listed on their online catalogue. A few chairs are currently on special, and this tends to happen quite regularly. Better yet, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, send them an email and they’ll help to point you in the right direction. Who said great customer service didn’t exist in South Africa?

All Office

If you’re after one more quote before pulling the trigger and buying a new office chair, All Office is worth including on your list of comparative quotes. This company has been around since the late 1970’s and continues to uphold service standards it entered into the market with all that time ago. While predominantly focused on providing complete office systems to their clients, a little known secret is that some of their individual items are often more competitively priced than some of the so-called “designer” companies in the market. It’s no wonder that their client list includes prominent businesses like Woolworths, Coca Cola and ABSA. 

Top Home Office Furniture Suppliers in 2020

If you’ve been a part of the lucky set of people that have continued to work (albeit from home) during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve no doubt had to make some adjustments in order to have a sufficient workspace in what used to be a relaxing home environment only. This might have included turning a part of your bedroom into a home office, or changing the guest room into a home office for you to work from every day. If you’re in the process of doing so, or if the company you work for might be enforcing permanent work from home orders moving into the future, it might be time to invest in this space a little more. So where can you look to find some good deals for home office furniture in a tight economic climate? We’ve got you covered here today. 

The Rise of Home Office Furniture in 2020

Nobody could have seen COVID-19 coming, and even when there were whispers about the origins of the pandemic in China back in December 2019, few people could have predicted the way it would eventually disrupt billions of lives all over the globe. Home office furniture have never been more popular, in particular as a result of the response to the pandemic, with many companies adopting stay at home orders from as early as March of this year. With more people working from home, many businesses have considered letting their leases go in the short run to try and stay afloat during the pandemic, which has resulted in a lot of people working remotely for the foreseeable future. While the future is uncertain, it’s best to set up your environment in the best way possible if you’re facing a similar set of circumstances. 

Office Stock

A good place to look if you’re looking for affordable home office furniture is Office Stock, one of the country’s leading suppliers of office furniture. With a leaning towards modern and stylish designs, their goal is to sell high quality furniture that might look like it costs an arm and a leg, but it doesn’t. From budget to managerial desks, through to computer tables and desk partitions, they’re a one-stop shop for anyone trying to set up a viable workspace at home. You may even be tempted to buy a bookshelf for personal use once you’ve seen the catalogue.


On more of the higher end side of the furniture spectrum, Coricraft is worth considering if you’re in the market for something that may be slightly on the expensive side, but will give you quality that is unparalleled relative to other suppliers on the market. Coricraft has long been a trusted supplier of furniture for homes, and with over 20 years of experience, if you’re looking for an item to round off a workspace or to create a specific mood for your home office, they have a catalogue (with 34 items in the home office section) that’s well worth exploring.

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Last but not least, if you’re looking to set up a new home office space for yourself, Ixaxa Office Furniture is a good supplier to have on speed dial. From office chairs to desks, cabinets and more, this forward-thinking company is known for providing the best designs at affordable prices irrespective of the department you’re looking in. Ixaxa has always promised 48 hour delivery and continues to deliver on this promise even in the wake of the series of challenges presented by the national lockdown. Enquire about the latest additions to their showroom, and before you know it, your home office will be good to go. 

Where To Buy Small Desks For Bedrooms in 2020

So you’ve gotten an email from your employer about a permanent move towards working from home. Don’t panic, as this is something that has happened to a lot of other South Africans too, as companies attempt to stay afloat and cut overheads in any way possible as a result of the economic catastrophe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve been working from your bed, or from a makeshift setup in the kitchen for the past few months, waiting to return back to the office, it may be time to consider buying a small desk for your bedroom, and to prioritise setting up a more permanent space for you to work from moving into 2021 and beyond.

The Rise of the Home Office and Keeping Perspective

While it can be unsettling to think that you won’t be returning to an office environment anytime soon, it’s important to remember to keep perspective during this time. Many companies have opted to serve retrenchment notices instead of making contingency plans for losses, so you may even be considered one of the lucky ones in the grander scheme of things. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a large spike in remote working, which has led to the rise of home offices, and as we’re firmly planted in the digital age, this type of working may have eventually been part of the “norm” in spite of the pandemic.

Carving Out a Creative Area in the “New Normal”

With that out of the way, we can now focus on where you’re going to look to start building your own workspace and productivity sanctuary in your bedroom. The space doesn’t necessarily have to exclusively be a space for work. People often use desks for creative purposes as well, and perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get back to drawing, writing or painting. There has never been a better time to carve out an area for you to get the creative juices flowing, and who knows, it could even turn into a side-hustle for you somewhere along the line as well. 

What To Consider + Where To Buy a Small Desk

Before you start your search, be clear about whether you’re looking exclusively for a workspace, a creative space, or both. Consider the size of the room and the largest desk size that you could practically fit into the space. Material and cost go hand in hand, so set a budget first before you start exploring the different types of desks. Once you’re at this point, it may help to scope out your options by comparing the products on offer from various retailers. If you’d like to go straight to a reputable supplier who can offer you multiple choices as well as custom-designed furniture, check out Ixaxa Office Furniture. While their catalogue offers large desks, these can be modified based on your needs and should also help you to get a better idea of exactly what you’re looking for. Before you know it, you’ll be operating from a professional home office environment, with a new desk in tow.