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Suitable Office Chairs for Employees of All Shapes and Sizes

Suitable Office Chairs for Employees of All Shapes and Sizes

If you’re busy furnishing a new office, or making upgrades to your existing office, it’s important to consider practical furniture, in particular office chairs, that cater to people of all shapes and sizes. When talking with potential suppliers, getting comparative quotes for standard and heavy-duty chairs can make all the difference, not only in terms of practical consideration for your staff, but also if your chairs are used throughout the day. Sales teams, for example, have revolving team members using chairs at all hours of a given day, which requires capacity for people of all shapes and sizes, but also additional maintenance considerations as a result of the chairs being used around the clock.

Why It’s Important To Cater For People of All Shapes & Sizes

These days, people come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, especially as we live in a more globalised world, with employees coming from different backgrounds and cultural situations. In lieu of this, there are practical considerations to be made when looking at office furniture. Nobody likes sitting on a flimsy chair to begin with, but it can be extra anxiety provoking if the person is slightly heavier than the average person. Rather than getting reactive solutions, you can be proactive about acquiring heavy duty office chairs for everyone, which can eliminate any future problems and also give you peace of mind that you won’t need to replace chairs as regularly as with standard ones.

Buying Practical Furniture Can Save You Money

When buying heavy-duty office chairs, you can save money in the long run, by not having to replace your chairs as regularly. While it may be a bigger investment in the short-term, in this case you can bank on your employees having sturdier chairs with less overall maintenance. When it comes to office furniture, you get what you pay for. When exploring heavy duty chairs, you’re always getting an extra share of lumbar support as well, which is good for the overall health of your staff.

Case Study: Ixaxa Office Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture, a store located in the greater Gauteng area, has long been a trusted source for dependable office chairs catering to all shapes and sizes, and in particular for their heavy duty range. Their most popular items in the range include the Super Max 24/7 High Back Chair, President High Back Chair, Texas Heavy Duty Chair and the corporate favourite, the King Cobra Heavy Duty Chair. To get a sense for each chair and their individual specs, head on over to their website, or alternatively, schedule some time to see the chairs in person. You won’t regret it!

Your Office Furniture as a Human Capital Investment

At Ixaxa and other reputable suppliers, you’ll be sure to find something that is suitable for all members of your team, while also showing them that you are taking practical steps to consider their wellbeing too. Buying new furniture can be an expensive undertaking, so it’s worth putting in a bit of extra effort in your planning, to make sure you’re not skimping now, only to pay for it later. You can’t go wrong with an inclusive approach to your buying, and you’ll get many non-verbal nods of thanks when you have a happy team around you in the long run. 

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