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Steelcase Leap Review – Ergonomic Chair Review 2018

Steelcase Leap Review – Ergonomic Chair Review 2018

Tried and tested vs innovative new design is typically the reasoning behind many buyers’ decisions when choosing a new product for their office space. In the age we live n, it’s easy to opt for the “latest and greatest” – but what about the items that have truly stood the test of time?

This is largely the case with Steelcase; a brand that has been in the office furniture industry for more years than many of us have been around. Their Leap chair has also proven to be one the their greatest innovations, with a decade of steady quality behind its name.

Steelcase Ergonomic Chari – An Overview

LiveBack Technology, or Flexing Back, the Leap Chair features a height-adjustable lumbar support pad, which ensures that you’ll be able to get the lower back support you’ll need while sitting in the chair. The Leap also features LiveBack technology, which means the chair’s back will actually move and flex with your body movements, offering custom support while you work and move around.

Adjustable Lower Back Firmness Here’s another great feature you won’t find in many other ergonomic chairs – the Leap features a dial on the right side of the chair that allows you to increase or decrease the chair’s lower back firmness. This is another great way to customize the very important lower back/lumbar support to promote good posture and keep you feeling healthy and comfortable in your chair.

Adjustable Upper Back Force The Leap offers a great feature that allows me to go from a straight upright position to a relaxed reclined position with ease. The Leap’s adjustable back force lets you set the amount of resistance you feel as you recline, so you can have a fast recline or a slow recline. You can also lock the chair’s back in a few different positions if you don’t want the back to move.

Natural Glide System Another plus for those who like to recline at times, the Leap Chair’s Natural Glide system automatically adjusts the seat’s depth as you recline, providing the best possible recline position for your body to feel comfortable and supported.

Seat Depth Adjustment Many office chairs feature a seat that’s just too deep for most people. The backs of your knees tend to rub up against the front of the seat, which is not comfortable, and you rarely lean your back on the chair’s back, which can lead to bad posture and back pain. The Leap addresses those issues with its adjustable seat depth. This intuitive adjustment allows you to change the depth of the seat for a truly custom comfortable fit.

Armrests Not only does the Leap feature comfortable, ergonomically-shaped armrests, but these armrests will move almost any way you want them to. They adjust up and down, back and forth, in and out and they pivot. This is important for those who do several different tasks throughout the day, which is pretty much everyone.

Thermal Comfort And here’s one final feature you won’t find in your average office chair – breathability. Without sacrificing the support of a padded chair back, the Leap offers a cool breathable back solution with a specially designed foam and slat system. This ensures your chair will never feel too hot or heavy.

The Steelcase leap ergonomic chair is priced in the R 10 000.00 ($940.00) range (according to Amazon.com); but what other ergonomic office chairs measure up to it, and possibly cost less?

It’s also important tor remember the availability of certain office furniture items and how that may impact your office planning and buying options.

  • Apollo Chair – from R 3 499.00 (including VAT)

Do you spend most of your day working at your desk? Is your office chair providing you with the support it should be?

Here’s what clients had to say about it:

“The results are amazing.  I feel more productive, it provides me with the support that I need in my back” – Marcia Margolis Editor in Chief at SA Decor & Design.

Check it out here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=apollo-chair 

  • Falcon Ergonomic Chair – from R 6 600.00 (including VAT)

Synchro Mechanism with 5 Position Lock

Gas Height Adjuster

5* Black Nylon Spider Base

Adjustable Seat (back and forth)

Adjustable Lumber Support and Headrest Adjustable

PU Arm Rests. Non-Woven Mesh Back and Black Woven Mesh Seat

5 year Warranty

Check it out here : https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=falcon-chair

  • Lumbar Pro Ergonomic Chair – from R 5 499.00 (including VAT)

The Lumbar Pro has an ergonomically designed back rest with adjustable lumbar support and a permanent contact back rest.  The chair is endorsed by the South African Society of Physiotherapy and offer superior all day seating comfort.

Availability – 2 to 3 Weeks.

Check it out here: https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=lumbar-pro-chair



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