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Steelcase Ergonomic Chair – Series 1 Review

Steelcase Ergonomic Chair – Series 1 Review

Steelcase helps the world’s leading organizations create places that help their people think better, feel better and be happier. We do this by helping them create places that people want to work in. Places that improve interaction and give people access to the things they want and the things they need.

Leading organizations are those that care about their purpose. They know exactly why they exist. They bring their purpose to life, through their strategy, their brand, and their culture. And they know how to make this visible in the places where they bring their people together to work.

But it also needs to do more. The places where people come together need to be designed to help them be better – when working together or alone – side by side or across continents.

The best places help people engage deeply by giving them what they want most: access to each other, the right tools and technologies, and to places that offer choice and control.

Steelcase Series 1 Review

Steelcase Series 1 was thoughtfully designed with integrated LiveBack technology, adaptive bolstering and 4D adjustable arms, delivering the dynamic performance you’ve come to expect from Steelcase.

The Series 1 delivers where it matters, combining both the performance and aesthetic and simply taking them to the next level. This is not only evident in the tangible quality of the chair itself, but also the incorporation of the core values of Steelcase itself entrenched in every stitch and material selection of the chair.

The profile of the Series 1 is slim (when compared to other similar models) and is relatively lightweight as well; this helps in that the chair is easily manoeuvred when seated within your workstation.

Customisation of colours, finishing’s and overall looks means that you no longer have to “go with the norm” when it comes to furnishing your office – you can personalise each and every aspect of the floor space and accurately reflect the image and speak the unspoken words you with to communicate through your business.

With 11 mix-and-match knit, flexor and lumbar colours, and a wide range of shell and finish options, Steelcase Series 1 offers an abundance of choice that enables organizations to express their brand in a way that represents them best.

This chair was designed with both the executive, managerial and secretarial employee in mind; it can be customised in a way that a high-end executive can seamlessly incorporate it into their office, while the regular employee may enjoy it’s wide range of benefits while also enjoying the matched and complimentary aesthetic it brings.
See the Series 1 animation right here – https://youtu.be/svXI9tWZIKU


Steelcase Series 1 Price South Africa

Just like a Formula 1 racing car, Steelcase office furniture is designed for top performance. Our chairs, desks, storage and workspace architecture are all easily reconfigurable, strikingly designed and ergonomically superior. But Steelcase products aren’t only beautiful and comfortable. Some have also been proven to increase employee productivity by nearly 17%*.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant executive chair, comfortable and stylish lounge seating or the latest technical accessory, Steelcase furniture will help you transform your workspace and inspire your workforce.

An important aspect to remember is that there is no need to import or pay top dollar when shopping around for office furniture – moreover ergonomic office chairs. The biggest benefit of buying locally is that you can physically inspect any piece of furniture you wish to buy before committing to purchasing it; you have access to the local suppliers and manufacturers, meaning there’s no middle men and hence a lower price to pay – and lastly, you can choose a supplier that has been around and holds vast industry related knowledge to help you in making the best selection. Not all companies are willing to offer their expertise and will often punt their products to get you to buy them, without first establishing whether they have a more suitable product for your specific requirements.

If you need any selection advice in terms of choosing the right office furniture- i.e. – desking, workstations, ergonomic chairs and executive furniture – be sure to get in touch with us by clicking here.

Find out more about Steelcase here – http://www.inspirationoffice.co.za/brands-steelcase.html

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