Steel vs Wood vs Glass Office Furniture – Pros and Cons Discussed

Steel vs Wood vs Glass Office Furniture – Pros and Cons Discussed

Furniture is an inseparable element in home decorating and office spatial planning; it is furniture that makes the rooms in a home habitable, usable and enjoyable. Depending on the use of the room, the quantity of furniture typically changes.

In the early ages, a lot of emphasis was given on the size of the furniture. For example, the king was given a “throne” which clearly stated his status within the society. Since then, furniture has become a fashion trend with furniture design as a complete profession in and of itself.

Primarily, furniture comes in two main body frames, wooden and steel.

Then, wooden furniture then gets further divided into many types of woods depending upon the type of furniture required. Teak wood, cedar wood, cane furniture etc. And they all have varied and appropriate applications.

The steel furniture also has varieties such as stainless steel, wrought iron furniture, etc. – and are also more or less suited to specific uses.

The most basic difference between the two types of furniture is the method of manufacturing them, but the advantages and disadvantages of each are what truly sets them apart.

Steel Frame Office Furniture – Pros and Cons

Steel furniture has gained much fame following the improvements in engineering in the metallurgy field.  Manufacturing of metal furniture does require exceptional tools and abilities. The biggest benefit of steel furniture is its own lifespan and strength.

Steel furniture could be placed under the category of “modern furniture”. Due to the flexible manufacturing procedure, furniture with almost any shape and size can be readily made and fabricated today. Wooden furniture will not have certain limitations when it comes to contours.

However, our very first question remains unanswered! That one should you go for, wooden or even the steel furniture?

Of course there’s not a straight forward answer for this particular question. It is possible to opt for a wooden motif or a comprehensive steel motif design or a mix of both. However, there’s a different point of view for looking at it and that is visual quality.


  • Metal furniture is good to use, it is practical and versatile. On metal shelves can be stored documents, books and other things.
  • Practicality: There is an obvious advantage of metal furniture to the classic version of office furniture made of MDF. In the material and manufacturing technology initially is the possibility of multiple assembly and disassembly. Therefore, in the case of moving to a new place this furniture does not come into disrepair. In addition, the wooden furniture becomes loose over time, it begins to creak and comes in a deplorable state. In contrast, it is difficult to break metal furniture and if the failure still occurs, it is easy to repair, and quickly returned to duty.
  • Durability: The second advantage of metal furniture is its durability. The humidity, hot objects, and other things are not a problem for metal furniture. The material itself is made of sheet steel that has high strength and durability. High-quality fittings complement the product. Powder coating provides resistance to scratches.


  • Heavy and Sturdy – Some metal furniture may be heavy and sturdy based on the material used for production and therefore difficult to move around. However, advanced methods have seen the production of light and lithe metal furniture.
  • Poor Finishing – The poor finishing of some products can leave rough edges and unprotected spines which can chafe at the skin of the user.
  • Unsuitable for some Flooring Design – This is largely connected to poor finishing, the poor finishing of some products can leave sharp spines at the base of the furniture which would in turn grate at, tear or scratch the floor patterns.
  • It is obvious that the advantages of metal furniture outweigh the disadvantages and can be easily averted by choosing quality and carefully made metal furniture.


Wooden Frame Office Furniture – Pros and Cons

Wooden furniture is the most widely used and opted for type of material for furniture. The main reason is ease of use. Since wood is a soft material to work with (as compared to steel), manufacturing furniture with wood requires less amount of initial investment in terms of money.

Carpentry skills required to carry of furniture jobs can also be easily learned, hence it is a popular type of furniture type. From users point of view, wooden furniture looks very aesthetic and because of its soft nature decoration can be easily made on wooden surfaces.

  • Wooden furniture pieces typically look great, provide strong support and last a very long time. Since solid wood office furniture is often either handmade or at the very least, made with great care, it is likely that the pieces being placed in the office will be strong, well-made, and durable enough to deal with the day to day rigors of office life.
  • Solid wood office furniture is likely to be much heavier than composite materials, such as plastics, particle board, or aluminium. This may put a damper on an office rearrangement, and even make initial installation of such pieces difficult.
  • Solid wood office furniture is likely to be more expensive than other cheaper, lighter materials. Since much of the wood furniture is hand-made, the cost for such pieces goes up in relation to the production cost. The upswing to this reality is that the solid wood furniture is a worthwhile investment: these heavier, more durable pieces will last a long time, making the cost a bit more bearable. For some office spaces, lighter, cheaper materials may be a better option to cut down on costs. One must bear in mind, however, that materials such as particle board can chip and break easily, meaning the furniture will not last as long as the solid wood office furniture.
  • If the office space must look professional and classy, solid wood furniture can add a subtle flair to the space. It is not uncommon to see such furniture in executive offices, as many important clients will most likely see this room, but one might consider taking a look at the rest of the office and adding smaller accents: perhaps a solid wood chair set in a waiting room, or a solid wood reception desk. These are lower cost investments that can add a classy look to any office space. If cost is an issue, used pieces of wood furniture can be found, and sometimes the used, weathered look of a piece can complement its beauty.


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