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Standing Desk Conversion Options South Africa

Standing Desk Conversion Options South Africa

You may have heard of standing desks and the benefits they can offer. You may also be undecided whether to purchase a standing desk. If you decide that you want to keep the option of being able to sit at your desk and the option to stand at your desk and work, there are a range of conversion options to choose from.

Varidesk ProPlus 30 Standing Desk

“This compact height adjustable standing desk solution is perfect for a single monitor computer desk setup and fits most desks in any office or cubicle.

Having more energy and improving comfort are just some of the benefits of using a height adjustable standing desk. This desk has the additional perk of a unique tiered design, which means there is no need to rearrange any components of your setup in order to raise or lower your desk. This model features a patented spring-assisted lifting mechanism, allowing you to raise or lower your standing desk with ease in just a few seconds.

This ergonomic computer desk has a width of 76.2cm and is ideal for compact, single-monitor computer workstations. It is capable of holding up to 15.8kg without any loss of stability and even works with your existing desk.”

Varidesk Pro 36 Standing Desk

“This height adjustable standing desk accommodates dual-monitor setups and has a single, large display surface that gives you the freedom of a spacious work area.

Go from sitting to standing in 3 seconds! This standing desk is extremely stable and sturdy in both sitting and standing positions. The single, large display surface gives you a spacious work area for documents and accessories, and its sleek design will give your office a modern touch and complement your additional office furniture.

This standing desk features a width of 91.44cm and is capable of holding up to 15.9kg.”

Varidesk Exec 40 Standing Desk

“Our tallest sit/stand model, this height adjustable standing desk offers the height you need and enough surface space for multiple monitors, documents, and other accessories.

Taller computer users will, without doubt, reap the benefit of more flexibility, less back pain and more comfort in the workplace with our tallest desk model. The lower keyboard and mouse deck of this large height adjustable computer desk fits a keyboard and mouse or graphics tablet with plenty of room to spare. With 101.5 cm of work surface, it holds up to 15.88 kg.

It arrives at your delivery address fully assembled, with no installation required and easily adjusted to one of nine different height settings in a matter of seconds.”

Varidesk Cube Plus 40 Standing Desk

“This height adjustable standing desk is a compact solution for your computer workstation.

Its 60.3 cm depth makes this standing desk slim enough to use in the wings of a standard cubicle, while still offering complete comfort and stability in either a standing or sitting position.

It is capable of supporting up to 15.8kg and measures 101.6cm(W) x 60.33cm(H) – fitting in all standard cubicle corners.”

Varidesk ProPlus 48 Sit Stand Desk

“Ditch unhealthy long periods of seated work, get active and healthier, and switch effortlessly between sitting and standing in just a few seconds with this affordable sit-stand desk solution. It ships fully assembled and ready-to-use – just put it right on top of your current desk, and you’re ready to work.

If you like a two-tier design but need to fit multiple monitors or extra hardware on your standing desktop, you’ll want this height adjustable standing desk.

This height adjustable desk can hold up to 20.4 kg, offers 120cm of work surface and adjusts to 11 different heights, switching from a sitting to standing setting in just 3 seconds.”

Varidesk Cube Corner 48 Standing Desk

“This sturdy height adjustable standing desk fits snugly into office cubicle corners and can be used with your existing desk.

Using a standing desk will not only reduce your risk of ailments such as diabetes and stress – you will be more productive, more active and even burn a couple of calories as you get active! Our corner standup unit features an innovative triangular surface design, providing a depth measurement of 85.1cm. It has a patented two-handle lifting mechanism and a spring assisted system for effortless lifting or lowering and can support up to 15.8kg.

Its stunning two-tiered design with a spacious top display surface with a handy keyboard and mouse deck below fits in all standard cubicle corners and can be used with your existing desk, allowing you the freedom to easily switch between periods of sitting and standing work.”

Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Standing Desk

“Our largest full-size, height adjustable standing desk. Colour options for this computer desk include black, white or a classic dark wood finish.

Switching easily between sitting and standing work will keep you more comfortable, relaxed and healthier at work. This standing desk adjusts to nine different height settings and has enough space for a single, dual or even triple monitor setup.

At 152.4cm(w) x 86.36cm(h), this sturdy ergonomic office desk can hold up to 22.7kg. This extremely spacious work surface can accommodate multiple-monitor setups as well as accessories and is available in three colour finishes.”

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