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Spinelly Chair Review South Africa – Modern Ergonomics with a Twist of Appealing Aesthetics

Spinelly Chair Review South Africa – Modern Ergonomics with a Twist of Appealing Aesthetics

The Spinelly’s aim is to create a back that moves with you. Spinelly’s flexible back allows for active seating, which  is achieved through a unique rib design in conjunction with an elastomer spine system. The chair is also equipped with a weight sensing mechanism which adjusts the recline resistance automatically according to the user’s weight.

Our spine is one of the most important part of our body that gives us structure and support. It plays a vital role to enable us to perform simple tasks like standing up and sitting upright. Spinelly’s inspiration comes from the structure of the human vertebrae. The idea is to create a chair that simulates the support of the spine. Spinelly is available in two colours, black for a polished and sleek look, white for a fun and edgy office setting.

Spinelly Chair Review – Details, Benefits and Specs

  • Spinelly Headrest

One of the more important aspects of ergonomics within an office chair, this specific chair has a mesh-covered head rest which not only ensure elasticity of ease of movement, but a sleek aesthetic addition to the chair.

  • Spinelly Backrest

With height-adjustable lumbar support spanning a range of 5.5cm, spinal joints are present, made from thermoplastic elastomer. These joints further assist by moving with your body to literally every curve of the spine, ensuring continued support no matter how you sit. This is especially helpful in cases where there might be spinal curvature in the user, and because the chair is high-back, this feature will be beneficial to anyone no matter how tall or short they are.

  • Spinelly Seat

Depth and height adjustability maketh the ergonomic chair; you should be able to reach your feet comfortably to the floor when seated, that your feet are flush against the floor without any type of strain. This specific chair has a range of 60mm adjustability, and the seat itself is upholstered over moulded polyurethane.

  • Spinelly Castor

This may seem to be an insignificant part of the ergonomics of a chair, but mobility is as important as any other factor of what makes a chair high or poor quality. Being able to move freely within the perimeters of your desk makes for a far less stressful and healthier way to work through your days.

  • Spinelly Weight Sensing Mechanism

A weight-sensing mechanism that automatically adjusts the recline resistance according to each users weight, provides tilt-lock, seat height and seat depth adjustment. Literally a chair that does the thinking and adjusting for you!

  • Adjustable Armrests

Within a range of 100mm, the armrests on the Spinelly chair are glass-fibre filled, ensuring malleability and maximum comfort.


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