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Smart Office Chair Review – Is Ergonomics Out-dated?

Smart Office Chair Review – Is Ergonomics Out-dated?

Posture-related health problems are becoming more prevalent as the average office worker spends over 9 hours being sedentary each day. Common workplace ailments such as back, neck and wrist pain are shown to have a staggering impact on the productivity, engagement and happiness of the entire workforce. This in turn, means employers are faced with a rise in absenteeism, lack of staff motivation and ultimately less value for money from the individual.

Axia have recently introduced the Axia 2.0 – an ergonomic chair with integrated smart technology to help measure employee performance and well-being.

The Axia 2.0 Smart Seating System is not just a chair that helps you achieve a relaxed and healthy posture. It is a complete and sophisticated seating system that brings together all our expertise in the field of ergonomics, technology and sustainability. A system that makes users more aware of their posture when seated and actively supports them.

The Axia 2.0 Smart Seating System:

  1. fits you perfectly
  2. helps you to actively relax
  3. is good for your back and neck
  4. makes you more aware of your posture
  5. keeps you fitter and more productive
  6. is sustainably good for our environment

Smart Office Chair – Axia 2.0 Review South Africa

  1. Pelvic tilt float action
  2. Dual sided levers
  3. Back height adjustment
  4. Independent back angle adjustment (Office mechanism Only)
  5. Sliding seat
  6. Seat height adjustment
  7. Seat tilt (+5° to -14°)
  8. Tension Control
  9. BCS Memory Foam Seat & Back

Some other specifications:

  • Weight Limit (Stone) 130KG
  • Guarantee 10 Years
  • Seat Height (cm) 40-55
  • Seat Width (cm) 48
  • Seat Depth (cm) 38-48
  • Back Height (cm) 47-53
  • Back Width (cm) 46
  • Mechanism Pelvic Tilt

Benefits of the Axia 2.0 Smart Chair

  • Help in adjusting your posture correctly

Aside from cultivating a fantastic work culture within your team, one of the most effective ways to keep your team happy and healthy is by creating a comfortable workstation. But regardless of how much you have invested into a setup, each one must be adjusted to fit the individual. Axia smart technology includes sensors in the seat and back to record sitting behaviour, and then provides you with visual feedback to help you correct your posture.

  • A way to regulate sitting time

Alternating between standing and sitting is essential in any healthy working day. You can encourage yourself to stand more often by simply taking calls standing up or introducing a standing desk into your workplace. The Axia features a smart seat feature that vibrates to remind you that you have remained seated for too long (the minimum break for every half an hour you spend sitting is around 2 minutes). This will also give your eyes a break from the screen and ensure you are adhering to display screen equipment regulations.

  • An app to monitor vacant chairs

This is the aspect of the chair that we found most interesting. This application gathers data from each smart chair within a large range, then stores and presents it in an easy-to-use dashboard (let’s be clear, these insights aren’t a way of spying on who is at their desk and who is having a cuppa). The app gives facilities managers a direct insight into the occupation of these chairs and the configuration of the office, giving them the potential to completely revolutionize the space. For example; if these analytics revealed that most users are not there regularly enough to warrant a fixed desk space, it could prompt a switch to a cost-effective hot desking environment.

  • The benefits for staff

These findings might also help the facilities manager to rethink the health and wellbeing of people in the office. Advice can be given using real data from the chairs e.g. if one particular user constantly has bad posture, their workstation will need to be assessed to see if a bigger issue presents itself.

Overall, we really like the concept of the Axia 2.0 smart technology. We think this technology would make an excellent addition to any work environment as it promotes healthier active working . Most impressively, this technology can finally give you and your decision makers accurate insights into your workplace dynamics and how your space could work best for you and your team.


Smart Chair vs Ergonomic Chair

While the Axia seems to be a way to not only revolutionise the workplace as we know it, the price tag associated with it is also quite something to behold. If you do not have the means to provide your staff with a smart chair, an ergonomic chair will be miles in the aid to assist in keeping staff well-postured.

While Ixaxa does not sell the Axia Smart chair, our range of Ergonomic Office Chairs will suit any budget and need. Click here to get in touch with us today!

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