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Small Breakroom – What To Do With A Small Breakroom

Small Breakroom – What To Do With A Small Breakroom

“Whether you’re designing a small cafeteria for your startup business or putting together some additional space in the office for employees to eat lunch, setting up a tiny breakroom is a challenge. You may not have control over the size of your breakroom, but you do have control over everything else. From choosing the right size furniture to selecting décor that works, these are our top small breakroom solutions.

What Kind of Chairs and Tables are Best for a Small Breakroom?

You might expect to need smaller cafeteria tables for a small breakroom, and you’d be right. But size isn’t the only consideration when you’re looking for tables and chairs in the proper scale for the room. For example, we recommend you opt for round tabletops, as square and rectangular tabletops tend to take up more physical and visual space in a room. Selecting breakroom tables with round tops will allow you to fit more eating space in the room. You should also consider varying your table and chair heights to create more visual space in your breakroom. Equipping the room with tables and chairs of the same size will make the space appear cluttered. Incorporate some standard height tables and chairs along with some café height tables and stools to open up the room and make it appear larger.

How Should a Small Breakroom be Decorated?

Once you have your furniture figured out, it’s time to decorate. Like any cafeteria, you’ll want your breakroom to be a reflection of your business. That being said, small breakrooms pose unique challenges that you’ll want to take into consideration before jumping in. Select a wall colour in a neutral tone, then add colour in your décor to bring life into the space. While considering décor, be careful not to overdo it. Too many knick knacks will make a small space look cluttered quickly. Wall art should fit the wall it’s hung on and leave enough wall space to make the room look open and not cramped. Remember, less is always more in a small space.

How Can Businesses Encourage Employees to Use Their Breakroom?

Many office managers prefer employees don’t chow down at their desks over the lunch hour. But how do you entice employees to use your breakroom when it’s a small space? The design of the room will help with that, but there are other ways to make your breakroom a place wants to be too. It all comes down to this: make your lunchroom feel like home. Offer free amenities like complimentary coffee and tea. Breathe a little life into the space by adding an area rug, throw pillows or lamps. Create a calming atmosphere by playing soft music. Whatever option you choose, making your breakroom a getaway is sure to attract employees and make them actually want to spend time in the space.”

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