Furniture Delivery

Purchases made through Ixaxa can be delivered to your office within 48 Hours on certain ex-stock items.

Deliveries are carried out with expert precision and care so as to prevent any chance of your order being damaged or worn throughout transit.

Custom Furniture

If you can not find the piece you’re looking for or, perhaps, would like one of our existing products modified, we also offer a custom furniture solution available in 3 to 4 weeks of order being placed.

Ixaxa uses only the finest furniture makers, carpenters and upholsters. They are fast, highly skilled and able to effectively translate your ideas into the finest quality pieces of furniture. Find out more about our custom furniture here.

Office Planning

Let us optimise the way your commercial space and our office furniture interact with our detailed furniture floor plans.

These allow you to use your office space more effectively and reduce the amount of wastage created by having your furniture placed in the inopportune locations.