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Self-Assembly Furniture vs Ready Made Furniture – Pros and Cons Discussed

Self-Assembly Furniture vs Ready Made Furniture – Pros and Cons Discussed

When buying furniture, there’s a lot to consider. What colour? Will you pick it up at the store or have it delivered to you? Do you want pre-assembled or flat pack, for you to self-assemble at home?

If you’ve never heard of these terms before, we’re here to explain them. We’ll also help you choose which furniture assembly option is best for you, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each:

What is Self Assembly Furniture?

Flat pack furniture or self-assembly is a type of furniture which does not come assembled from the supplier.  The customer needs to assemble it. However, the manufacturing company does make it in such a way that it is not difficult to assemble. A booklet or guide comes along with the furniture.   The customer can easily read and understand how the furniture needs to be assembled. Suppliers also provide tools with the furniture to aid assembling the furniture, such as Allan keys and plastic guards.

  1. Ease Of Assembly

Flat pack furniture requires assembling after buying it.  This means customer has to spend time on the assembling the furniture.  They must go through instructions to make sure the assembling goes smoothly and the furniture is not damaged during fix.

  1. Flat Pack Furniture Is Cheaper

Transportation is another important point which needs to be highlighted while comparing these two furniture types. Flat pack furniture helps reduce the cost of the furniture in 2 ways.  Firstly, more items can be packed in a shipping container thus reducing the suppliers shipping cost.

Secondly, it is expensive so deliver a fully assemble item to your home.  As the size and weight has not be broken down it will require a specialist delivery service.  This will add to the cost of the furniture.

  1. Strength Of The Furniture

Sturdiness: Flat packed furniture usually, but not always, is not as strong as the fully assembled furniture. Fully assembled furniture goes through a quality check at the suppliers.  With fully assembled furniture compromises to strength to not have to be made.   In order to make furniture flat packed strong joins may has to be lost so that the furniture can be reduced for packing. Flat packed furniture needs to be carefully put together.  The assembling pieces may become loose if damaged during assembly.

  1. Getting Furniture Into Your Home

Flat pack furniture can be taken into any room in the house and then assembled.  If you buy a fully assembled piece you may not get it through your front door or up the stairs.

  1. Price Comparison

Fully assembled furniture is generally better quality than flat packed furniture.  This quality is reflected in the price though as it can be 40% higher than its flat pack alternative.

Flat pack furniture is not always cheap furniture.  If you buy good quality flat pack or assembled furniture it will last and do its job.  Just take care to follow the instructions fully.

Even expensive designer furniture comes flat packed!

Flat Pack furniture (when built properly) can look great.

What is Ready Made or Assembled Furniture?

Fully assembled furniture does not require any assembling.  The supplier sells it after completing the required fitting and assembling. Fully assembled furniture can be more expensive to ship and transport.   A benefit is that the customer does not have to spend any time on its assembling.  As it comes assembled from the supplier itself the build quality should be perfect.

Pre-assembled furniture, which is sometimes called rigid, comes pre-made. Depending on what the piece of furniture is the assembly may be done by hand or machine.

For some, pre-assembled furniture is very appealing. If you’re moving or you don’t consider yourself very handy, this is one way to save time; there’s nothing you have to do. All the work has already been done for you. That’s the biggest perk of pre-assembled furniture.

Of course, you have to answer one big question: How are you going to get the assembled furniture to your destination? If you decide to move the assembled furniture yourself, you’re probably going to need a sizeable vehicle. If you pay to have the furniture delivered to you, you could rack up some pricey fees.

While pre-assembled furniture saves time, it doesn’t always save money.

Another disadvantage of pre-assembled furniture is squeezing it into your home. How are you supposed to fit bulky furniture through a narrow doorway? Or lug pre-assembled pieces upstairs? You don’t want that hassle.

Weighing up the pros and cons has lead us to two definite conclusions; flat-pack furniture is cheaper, but requires some level of skill to assemble and sometime may compromise the quality of the piece. Ready-made furniture is bulky, sometimes more costly and will take some doing to add to your home – but the quality is surely unmatched when compared to flat pack furniture.


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