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Second-Hand vs. New Furniture

Second-Hand vs. New Furniture

Furniture shopping nowadays is infamous for its ability to break the bank. Yet, we all require a decent amount of furniture in our homes and living spaces to ensure style and comfort. 

And so we are left with the thought of whether or not to buy new or second-hand furniture? 

New Furniture:

When buying new furniture, you are paying quite a hefty price, but that price can often be justified because you are paying for the product in its best and highest quality;

  • This means you are guaranteed a long life span for your furniture that will keep you satisfied for years to come as your furniture will not have any damages or structural problems. (and if it does – your warranty will cover you as you bought it new!)
  • Additionally, your furniture will be perfectly clean and hygienic as you will be the first person to use it. 
  • And lastly, there are no additional costs after purchase as there would be with second-hand furniture in order to restore it to a suitable, liveable condition.

Second-Hand Furniture:

Second-hand furniture is, of course, your cheaper option. However, many people disregard second-hand furniture as they are concerned about the quality, style, and cleanliness of their previously-used piece.

These concerns are definitely important to consider, but with the right tips and tricks to keep in mind, you will be able to find second-hand furniture at an absolute bargain, without having to compromise in terms of comfort, luxury, hygiene, and style. 

How so? 

Reupholster Old Furniture:

With all the money saved on buying second-hand furniture, you will be able to reupholster and restore your furniture and turn it into something unique, worthwhile and perfect for your needs.

Pay Attention to Materials:

Paying attention to the material used in the making of the furniture is extremely important as some materials are more durable than others and this could greatly affect the life span of your furniture and thus how happy you are with your purchase. 

For example, hardwood and metal furniture have impressive durability and is almost always a bargain. 

Branding is important:

Pay attention to the brand as well. If you are able to find luxury branded furniture at a good price, you will also be buying the reputable and respectable quality of the brand. This is a nice way to get a quality piece of furniture for less!

Dry Cleaning Old Furniture:

I know it is difficult, but look past the dirt and spills on the furniture as this can easily be cleaned, replaced and brought to a surprisingly decent quality again making the furniture very worth it. 

Second-hand does not mean ugly!

Second-hand does not mean ugly or worn out. On the odd occasion, you will be able to find a stunning piece of furniture at such a good price that it will actually surprise you. 

Demo furniture:

Lastly, demo furniture is not second hand. This is often the pieces used on display in stores that are simply just not in perfect enough condition to be sold as new. This allows you to grab a perfectly good piece of NEW furniture for exponentially less. 

In essence, there are advantages and disadvantages of both new and second-hand furniture, however, it’s for you to decide which items you deem important enough to buy new and which items are economical enough to buy second-hand. 

With that being said, we wish you a smart and successful shop!

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