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Second Hand Office Furniture vs New Budget Friendly Furniture: Pro’s and Con’s Explained

Second Hand Office Furniture vs New Budget Friendly Furniture: Pro’s and Con’s Explained

Since the introduction of second-hand sales websites, such as OLX and Gumtree, we’ve seen the “up-cycle” movement come leaps and bounds. More and more people are finding the benefit of buying second hand furniture, and “up-cycling” it into something roe in line with their personal tastes.

The same can be said for office furniture; while it might be less common to purchase second hand office furniture off of user-curated websites like those we mentioned above, there is a definite need for affordable and cost effective office furniture in South Africa.

But what if the thought of buying second hand furniture simply does not sit well with you? And what if you still need affordable furniture for your office? We weigh up the pro’s and cons of buying second hand furniture vs new furniture that fits your budget (and needs) beautifully!

Second Hand Furniture: Pro’s and Con’s

The biggest advantage of second hand furniture is undoubtedly the massive price difference – that is – what you would have paid for the furniture if it were new, compared to the price you pay because it has been used.

There are definite downfalls to this type of purchase, namely:

  • You compromise on the lifespan of that item. Most items are designed to have a certain lifespan – which is usually indicated by the length of the guarantee or warranty the supplier provides when it is purchased, new. Having been previously owned and used, the item(s) you buy second hand will have already voided or passed their warranty or guarantee period, so if anything goes wrong – you’re own your own.
  • You can never be 100% certain of the condition of the items you purchase. Yes, you may have thoroughly inspected the pieces when you bought them second-hand, but that’s not to say that there are no serious underlying faults with the furniture. There may be damage to the support structures, like wood and stapling, which can lead to serious injury if someone who is unaware of this condition makes use of the furniture.
  • You will likely need to re-upholster the furniture to blend in with your aesthetic. This means spending more money, which is the whole reason you opted for second hand furniture – to save money!
  • You very rarely get a full set when purchasing second hand. There will likely be pieces missing, damaged or not included, so obtaining a full table set or matching coffee tables may prove more effort than the saving it is worth.


But there are definite benefits!

  • You might hit a bargain. If you play your cards well, there’s nothing to say that you might hit the jackpot. Paying R 1 000.00 for a genuine Coricraft slip cover couch is a great deal in anyone’s eyes, and if it’s in sound condition – you definitely won!
  • Less money. You surely already knew this, but second hand furniture carries a much discounted price
  • Demo furniture is not second hand! If you spot any office furniture at a store, you might be able to get the same item for less than the advertised price- if it is shop soiled or has been used as a demo. Expect some scratches and minor wear and tear, but demo furniture is a great alternative to second hand furniture!


New Budget-Friendly  Furniture: Pro’s and Con’s

So, we’ve eliminated speciality and high-end stores for the simple fact that their furniture lines are likely going to annihilate your budget. Shopping around to find the cheapest type of furniture that meets your needs is a sure fire way to save money without compromising on quality.

Here are a few benefits of opting for a cheaper range of new furniture:

  • No compromise on quality. You can rest assured that your furniture will go the distance, even if you paid a much lower price for it. No more worrying about the previous treatment of the furniture, or any underlying problems not immediately visible.
  • Warranty or guarantee. This ensures that, should anything go wrong with your new furniture – you are covered and it will either be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.
  • You can find pieces that meet your office’s aesthetic. You’re not going to have to fork out thousands of rands to get your furniture re-upholstered, just so that it matches your offices layout. You can choose designs right from the outset that will compliment and mix well with your current layouts.
  • Cheaper does not always mean lower quality. Shopping around for a good deal, discounted items or shop soiled furniture can have huge financial benefits. Just because the furniture’s price is reduced does not mean you have to go for the cheapest of brands – being thrifty and keeping an eye on sales will benefit you greatly.

Yes, there are downfalls, too:

  • While it is possible, it’s not likely you will find high-end furniture at budget friendly prices. You might only be able to get your hands on some lesser-known brands for a lower budget, unless you keep your eyes peeled for well-known manufacturers to hold a sale.
  • The office furniture you buy might lack “luxury” features. This might seem like a no-brainer to most, but don’t expect to find biodegradable ergonomic chairs with superior material for the price most would pay for a garden chair.


Second Hand vs New: Who Wins?

There’s no cut-and-dry answer here; if you want to save money – either of these solutions may work for you.

However, new furniture at lower prices might suit you better if you prefer to choose your own colour scheme and design, want the peace of mind knowing you furniture is brand new and feel the need for a warranty or guarantee.

Second hand furniture might be better if you enjoy being hands-on and crafty, want a customised and unique layout and also want to save a lot of money.

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