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Second Hand Office Furniture: Pro’s and Con’s Weighed Up

Second Hand Office Furniture: Pro’s and Con’s Weighed Up

Buying office furniture can be a really costly exercise, especially if you’re starting from scratch. You’ve paid your office rent, added phone lines. Gotten your website up and running – all of which have cost money. But an office without furniture is in no way a work zone – so what do you do?

Considering second hand office furniture might be the solution you’re looking for – you get  far reduced prices, you get the furniture you need – but be aware of some of the potential issues you might experience. We weight up the pro’s and con’s and get the hard work done for you.


Benefits of Second Hand Office Furniture

  • Most obvious benefits include reduced prices. Sometimes, (depending on the condition of the furniture) you might expect to pay up to half of the original prices of the piece of furniture. A helpful hint when doing so is to Google the price of that each piece of furniture, if you were to buy it new. No point in buying second hand, if the seller’s asking price is just as high as a new item.
  • Another benefit (especially for those who enjoy unique items) is if your vision for your office is somewhat eclectic. You can find antique items at ridiculously low prices, bespoke pieces and sometimes really modern furniture. If you absolutely love the structure of an item, and perhaps not the upholstery, a good idea might be to re-upholster the furniture. It gives it new life – and you can tailor that upholstery to suit your own design and colour scheme.
  • Buying used office furniture is eco-friendly! It’s a great way to recycle, and it also means that less furniture ends up in landfills. You can decrease your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment by buying previously owned products.
  • You can find high-quality furniture. With a bit of research, it is possible to find high-quality pieces that you wouldn’t be able to afford new. From tables to desks, you can find high quality items for sale that are as good as new.
  • Floor or demo models offer great bargains – they are often as good as new but they still come with a reduced price tag. The only thing you might have to contend with is a small amount of wear and tear – so floor models offer you great savings.


Have you bought previously owned or refurbished office furniture- and what is your take on it?


Please note that we do not sell second hand furniture. Let us offer you some competitive quotes on new, quality furniture at the best prices!



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