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Retailer vs Importer Office Furniture – What Are The Differences?

Retailer vs Importer Office Furniture – What Are The Differences?

Buying your office chair can be a simple and pain-free task; simply knowing where to look is half the hard work done! Did you know that the majority of office furniture available in South Africa has been imported? How much of saving do you think you might have enjoyed if you had known to buy direct from the importer – as opposed to paying a middle man to facilitate your purchase?

There are so many benefits to cutting out the middle man and buying directly from your local supplier of imported office furniture; we explain some of them below:

Benefits of Purchasing Office Furniture from an Importer

Price –price will always be king. Cutting out the middle man is not just a slogan – it is a fact that when you buy directly from an importer or supplier, you mitigate the furniture companies adding undeserved profit margins and get direct access to office furniture product ranges directly imported into South Africa. Retailers will regularly add exorbitant mark ups on their furniture – which nobody wants.

Build Quality – buying from an importer means you will likely be subject to doing a little research on their products (or at least you should be!) Ensure they use quality parts that have undergone at least one form of quality testing. You don’t need to compromise on build quality when you buy from an importer; quite the opposite, in fact. You can enjoy high-quality items at a fraction of the price! Retailers enjoy the freedom of being able to purchase lower-quality furniture and add unnecessary mark-ups on them,; beware the deal that seems too good to be true, because it usually is!

Warranty – retailers will usually only offer a “manufacturers” warranty – where, if the chair breaks or shows major fault within a stipulated time frame – it will be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. Buying directly from a company who imports means you may be ableto carry the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a warranty from the store. You should have a replacement chair sent to you whilst the reparations are underway, and have the chair replaced – should the damage be irreparable.

Less money without middle man – we cannot stress it enough that you will be saving a ton of money if you opt to use a direct importer supplier. There will be zero or minimal mark-up on the item, and in the long run, you will save even more money in not having to repair or replace a chair that wasn’t cheap to start with in any case. No middlemen, no agents fee’s, none of that.

Better quality for less – you’ll still be getting top-notch quality, just from an alternative source. There is now no need to shop around for cheaper suppliers of the same items. Instead, enjoy all the time and money you’ve saved by buying directly from an import supplier, sit back on your brand new office chair and enjoy!


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