Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Johannesburg

Restaurant Furniture Suppliers in Johannesburg

When was the last time you walked into a restaurant, wowed by the furniture and general design of the shop? Perhaps you’re so used to visiting your local coffee spot, that you’ve almost become a part of the furniture yourself. If you’re a restaurant owner who has been thinking about revamping the layout of the shop, whether to facilitate a greater demand of customers, or just because you’d like the furniture to reflect a brand that is keeping with the times, then we’ve made it very simple for you to start exploring a couple of quotes from the best suppliers, particularly in the greater Gauteng area.

Restaurant Furniture SA

As the name suggests, these guys are predominantly focused on supplying restaurant furniture to clients, specalisting in a wide range of merchandise, including chairs, tables, benches and more. While offering a broad furniture service, they focus on restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and conference centers, and this gives their consultants more of a holistic view of ongoing trends in the industry, presenting you as the customer with a greater range of options to consider. Restaurant Furniture SA have now grown to a point where they are a member of the Orange Sky Marketing brand stable, showing steady growth over time, and providing furniture to specialist brands all across South Africa. 


Sometimes, a brand catches your eye, and it’s hard to look away, or not to tell your friends about it. Woodbender is one of those, not only for their sleek website, but also when you look at the product ranges they offer as well. A couple of words come to mind when we think of their range of restaurant furniture: stylish, chic, modern and in a nice range of soft colour palettes. Customise away! Check out their FAQ on the site, as well as their newsletter, which gives updates on seasonal specials, and also allows you to learn more about their upcoming releases. If you’re a startup business, wanting a bit more of a millennial friendly restaurant, these are the guys to call.


A little known furniture industry secret is that Ixaxa Office Furniture, surprisingly so considering the name of their business, has a very interesting 2019 restaurant furniture catalogue. Focused on a goal of creating a certain atmosphere in your restaurant, their mantra gives a lot of emphasis to the furniture of the shop setting the general mood to being with. These guys are mostly supplying chairs and tables in the restaurant industry, at what can be considered very competitive rates. With 20 years of experience, it’s no surprise that they’re branching out, and this might become more of an area of focus for them in the years to come. Get on the bandwagon early, yes?

Hospitality Seating

Hospitality Seating provides furniture solutions from suppliers abroad, generally from Europe and the East. While this does mean that their rates are a little higher than others, they do promise that all their furniture goes through rigorous tests, and that they make an effort to provide reliable, heavy duty products (as can be expected in a restaurant environment). They work with a lot of wood in their designs, which tends to give their products more of a traditional feel, so if classic is what you’re after, these guys are a good option to consider. We didn’t love their website as much as the others on the list, but don’t let this deter you: a good place to start would be to schedule a consultation, and to take it from there.

Whether you’re looking for your restaurant to be the talk of the town, opting for a general refresh after a few years of having a very similar look, or starting a new venture in Johannesburg, these are all great options to consider for your furniture needs. With restaurant furniture, you need something that is going to last over a long time, catch the eye of customers walking past, and also fit in with the general aesthetic of your brand. Consider spending a little more upfront, rather than skimping now, and feel free to thank us later. 

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