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Restaurant Furniture: Deck Your Decks Out!

Restaurant Furniture: Deck Your Decks Out!

A restaurant lends a certain air to visitors; from the moment they walk in, they’re surveying each nook and cranny – trying to get a feel for the place.

Franchises have it easiest in this regard; Head Office makes all the decisions, and the franchisors implement it – simple as that! However, if you’re running your own café or restaurant – your décor is going to be the first impression any of your clients get. Best make sure it’s a good one!


Modern Restaurant Furniture

modern restaurant furniture










Modern layouts – which some might even classify as contemporary or eclectic, are layouts we are seeing gaining popularity. Think of high-based cocktail tables) with just enough space for a few rounds, and perhaps your handbag) and the accompanying low-back, high-rise chairs that fir so well with them.

This is a great choice for a bar area, or a cocktail lounge, but for a family restaurant it might prove challenging to comfortably seat a family of 4 down for a full meal with such limited space.

A family-style restaurant may opt for a more appropriate variant of these styles; for example, the brushed-chrome finish found on the high-rise cocktail table may be found on a shorter-based, 4-seater table. You don’t compromise in the style or quality – you simply adapt it to your specific environment’s needs.

When it comes to chairs – you have an endless amount of options available to you. The high-rise, low-back cocktail chairs that we previously mentioned are only really suitable in a bar or cocktail environment. However, comfortable seating for other environments needs not be drab or unstylish.

Low rise, high-back chairs with cut-out designs, modern shapes, inviting colours and exciting layouts will lend that air of modernity to your restaurant – while still allowing for comfort for families and anyone who enjoys a space to relax.

Classic Restaurant Furniture

classic restaurant furniture










“Classic” often conjures up imagery of old, antique or non-modern styles of furniture. That is so far from the truth nowadays; creators of furniture have taken classic styling concepts and incorporated the main points of such into a modern piece of furniture. Think of woven wicker-backed chairs; it’s an old-fashioned styling concept, yet when paired with a  glossy finish and chrome frame, it fits perfectly into a classic yet modern type of environment.


What Features Should I Look for In Restaurant Furniture?

  • Priority number one is sturdiness; the chairs especially need to be able to carry the weight of a fully grown adult, safely up to 200kg. Having unstable chairs is inevitable going to cause you unnecessary trouble – especially if a client injures themselves due to the chair not being able to support his or her weight.
  • Durability; the furniture (tables, chairs, counters etc.) need to be able to be wiped down and cleaned in a hurry. Imagine a queue of 20 waiting to get into your restaurant, only to have to wait for cleaning staff to swoop in and perform and in-depth clean of each table. Plastic, glass and ABS are likely the easiest to clean up in a hurry.
  • Styling; the style of your restaurant’s furniture will set the tone for oldies and newbies alike. Another reason to make sure your furniture is durable – you’ll need it around for a long time! Making sure the furniture reflects your personal style, and the ambiance of the restaurant – is what will give you the edge.
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