Reception / Receptionist Furniture – What Office Furniture Do You Need For Your Reception Area?

Reception Furniture – What Office Furniture Do You Need For Your Reception Area?

The Reception Area is the first space in your office building that your clients or customers will see when visiting your premises. You need to create a welcoming environment, reflecting your company’s image.

Your Reception Area would need a number of items to meet these criteria. Firstly, it would need a desk, for your Receptionist to work at; a Reception office chair; chairs, couches or benches for your clients to have a seat; and a coffee table in case you want to provide some of your brochures for the clients to browse through while they wait.


Reception Furniture – Reception Desk

“Your reception desk should be the focal point of your waiting area and easily viewable and accessible from the entrance. It should also be inviting and clean; the last thing you want when guests arrive are papers, boxes and packages scattered around the reception desk.

If this is a familiar sight at your front desk you will want to be sure to choose a reception desk with adequate storage so you have somewhere to tuck away deliveries and other items.

Also, be sure you will have enough room for all of the necessities such as phones, computers, printers and scanners, as well as enough room for the amount of people who will be at the desk at the same time.

You will also need to decide what shape of desk you will need depending on your space and preference as well as other design decisions (like will you need an elevated front to conceal confidential information, etc.).

You want to choose a finish that will fit into your décor and provide the durability you need (wood grain laminate is very hard wearing), and you can even add some finishing touches like steel or plexi-glass.

No matter what reception desks you are considering, the most important thing is to measure everything! You need to carefully measure the reception space you are filling to guarantee the desk you choose will fit into the area with no problem.”


Reception Furniture – Desk Chair

One of the least thought of aspects in the Reception Area, but one of the most important, is the Receptionist’s office chair. You need to consider the ergonomics of the chair you choose for your employees who will be occupying your Reception Area.

Ensuring that you provide your Reception staff with Ergonomic chairs, will improve their productivity and prevent unnecessary injuries due to strain in the wrong chair.

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Reception Furniture – Seating In The Reception Area

“Measurements are just as important in the seating area of your waiting room; your space needs to look professional and attractive while comfortably accommodating your visitors. Take the measurements of some of the reception furniture you are considering, to ensure it will fit in your space.

To decide how much furniture you will need, consider how many waiting room chairs would be used by your guests on the busiest day, then add some tables to the space as well.  Don’t forget when you are measuring to leave room for guests to move around freely and for a comfortable amount of space between the seats.

You may also want to consider what seating pattern you use, for example, some clients typically do not want to sit with their backs to any doors and using a square or “U-shaped” seating arrangement may be a good way to allow guests to decide how they would like to interact with others waiting.

When choosing what reception chairs will work best in your setting, there are many things to consider:

  • Is it comfortable? Uncomfortable seating can actually make the wait seem longer, so the best test is to try it. Would you want to sit in it for possibly 20+ minutes?
  • Consider all of your guests, their sizes, ages and mobility. This will determine things like if you need chairs with arms or chairs of differing sizes to accommodate everyone.
  • What type of upholstery will you need? Combination fabrics and engineered fabrics tend to be more durable than natural ones and work well in high traffic areas. Also, the tighter the weave, the longer the fabric tends to hold up.”


Reception Furniture – Reception Coffee Tables

This is not a necessity, but it does complete the look when you have your seating arranged in your Reception Area. Clients may want to view your catalogues or brochures, or alternatively just have somewhere to put their keys and cell phones while they wait.  

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