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Reception Area Furniture – Prices, Pro’s and Con’s

Reception Area Furniture – Prices, Pro’s and Con’s

As many a receptionist has heard in his or her lifetime – they are the unofficial face of the business. That being said, the rest of the first impressions made by a company hinge quite heavily off the ability of their front-office or reception furniture to be able to convey a specific message to their potential clients and staff alike.


What Reception Furniture Should I Have?

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First and foremost, the seating which your visitors will be using whilst waiting for you should serve two main purposes; comfort and aesthetic. A general yet unspoken rule is to have, freely available, at least one couch and two or three free-standing chairs. The reason for this is to allow any visitors who may not wish to engage with other visitors the chance to sit in their own space, as well as offering visitors who have a guest, or may be a waiting a while for you, a comfortable and spacious area to sit in. An excellent and broad range of reception couches can be found here!

If your office is young and upbeat, look at funky colours and eclectic couch shapes. Mix and match colours in a new and exciting way. For the more serious and corporate environment, stick to your neutrals – such as white, grey, beige and black seating. Adding an accent colour as a centre piece is an effective way to add some excitement to the overall look of your welcoming area.

You can find Ixaxa’s ufll range of seating for your reception by following this link.

Once your seating has been sorted, you should consider a reception table. The space visitors can use to either place their handbags (nobody wants to put their handbag on the floor) – or a space where anyone visiting with samples may easily place their product. The reception table can be a talking point for many guests; if you opt for a neutral wooden look, a steelwork centre piece can beautifully offset the design and compliment your coffee table.

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We haven’t forgotten the most vital piece of front office furniture; ensuring your receptionist is seated at a comfortable, functional and stylish reception desk will have far reaching benefits you might not even notice. A glass-fronted reception desk lends the insinuation that your company operates transparently, an excellent non-verbal way of communicating this to potential clients. Alternatively, a classic wooden and white panelled desk offers a modern and sleek look, appearing clean and honest.


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What Is The Price of Reception Area Furniture?

Depending on the style of reception area furniture you opt for, you can pay as little as R 1000.00 for a piece – like a single stylish chair – all the way up to in excess of R 20 000.00 for a larger piece such as the reception welcoming desk.


To get a full quote on any of the items mentioned above, head on over here and fill your quote basket up!


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