Sling Chair CE

Sling Chair

The Sling Chair

The Sling Chair offers a stylish and durable solution to your office seating needs whether it is in the canteen or outside it will be the ideal addition to your office. The Sling chair is made from 100% aluminium it is Super Strong and can withstand all different weather without corroding. Each joint on the sling chair is welded and not fastened with fasteners which increases the durability of the chair ensuring the chair will not break when you least expect it. Modern office design language can be overbearing but this beautiful elegantly designed chair is easily stackable and can fit up to 16 chairs in one stack, this ensures it is designed to fit into any space in your office. This stylish and relaxing chair comes with an incredible 2 year guarantee which allows you to rest assured that nothing but the best workmanship went into making this elegant chair. You wont go wrong with this sturdy, durable and elegantly designed chair will definitely be the feature of any office environment.

Features of the Sling Chair

Chair with a comfortable, contemporary look offering you all weather support that wont fade or rust.

  • 100% Aluminium

  • Welded Joints not screwed

  • Stackable to 16 units

  • Suitable for outdoor use

  • 2 Year guarantee