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Procrastination – How To Avoid Workplace Procrastination

Procrastination – How To Avoid Workplace Procrastination

“When you are working on a task that you do not particularly enjoy, or one that you may find difficult, it can be particularly very easy to start procrastinating. However, this can lead to problems such as being unable to get the project finished on time, which could result in you getting into trouble with your boss. If you are stuck in a constant cycle of procrastinating and rushing to get a project finished, then you might feel as though you will never get out of this cycle. However, there are several techniques and solutions that you can try in order to avoid procrastination in the office, such as investing in an Ergonomic Office Chair to keep you comfortable whilst in the office.

Avoiding Procrastination In The Workplace

Remove Distractions

If there is something that you’re already aware of being a big distraction to you, then you should consider removing it from your work-space. If you sit near a colleague that you know will keep chatting as you are trying to work, then see if you can move elsewhere in the office, even if it is just until a task has been accomplished.

If you think that you may be tempted to browse the internet during work, then perhaps see if it is possible to disconnect your machine from the network to eliminate your chances of this form of procrastination. You may need to be a little stricter with yourself, however there is always a way to avoid distractions if you really want to font them.

Ensure You Are Comfortable With Ergonomic Chairs

It can be easier to get on with your work if you are comfortable. A large part of this is the office furniture that you are using. If you are sitting on a chair that is uncomfortable, then you may find that you have to keep shifting position or even get up and have a walk around.

Ergonomic Chairs and Pledge Office Chairs are both a great choice of office seating to have in the office because they offer good support where needed, meaning you will not be suffering from any aches and pains that can distract you from getting your work complete.

Similarly, height adjustable desks are also great for reducing back and neck strain because you can set them to the perfect height for you. As a result, you will be comfortable throughout your day at work and will have less chances of becoming distracted.

Break The Task Up

If you are procrastinating because you feel as if the size of the task makes it seem in-achievable, then try breaking it up into smaller chunks. This way you can make each part of the task some less daunting and you will feel readier to give it a go.

You may also find that it does not take you too long to complete the first section of the task and this will then give you the motivation you need to continue working.

Set Several Deadlines

This is closely tied in with the point made above. When you have broken the task up into smaller pieces, give yourself a deadline for each of these that will still allow you to complete the project on time. When the deadline for the entire project is weeks away, this can sometimes fool you into thinking that you have more time available than you actually do.

Setting smaller deadlines allows you to plan what needs to be done for the whole project, and this type of plan is usually easier to stick to.

Look At What You Have Completed So Far

If you have already completed some of the task, then you should give yourself credit for this. Instead of worrying about what you have still got left to achieve, think about how much you have achieved already. This will show you that the task is not as difficult or as in-achievable as you may think and may spur you on to do a bit more.

Tidy Up Your Work-space

It is believed that having a clutter free desk can help make you more productive. You should try to clear your desk from any unnecessary items, and instead just keep the things you need to complete the specific task that you’re currently working on.

If you only need to work on the computer, put your notepad and pen out of reach so you are not tempted to start doodling. If you make your work-space into somewhere that you want to work, you will find it easier for this work to begin.

To ensure that you keep your work-space clean and tidy, perhaps it is best to purchase a filing cabinet. There are a large variety of filing cabinets to choose from in the marketplace today, including the Silverline Filing Cabinet and Triumph Filing Cabinets. Not only will having a filing cabinet in the office keep your work-space tidy but will also ensure that your items are more organised making it easier for things to be found. This way, you won’t waste time finding items, that could be spent on completing tasks.

Tell Others What You Want To Achieve

You may feel as if you are able to get more work done if you are accountable to other people. Tell your colleagues what you want to achieve by the end of the day and ask them to check in with you. If you know you are going to be asked about what you have been doing all day, you are more likely to make the effort to get things done. You may even want to tell your friends and family about the big project that you are working on, as the chances are that they will also ask you how it is going.

Try Not To Be A Perfectionist

If you are waiting for the perfect time to do something, the chances are that this moment will never arrive. Sometimes it is just necessary to get things done in the first place rather than trying to get them done perfectly. You can always go back later and make alterations if you have time.”

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